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Chapter Officers


The Consul is the president of the chapter. He presides over chapter meetings and other chapter affairs and activities, and is responsible for the security of the charter, Ritual and Ritualistic materials.

The Consul should possess a working knowledge of the Governing Laws, Ritual, risk management regulations, chapter bylaws and policies, and campus and interfraternity regulations and procedures. He maintains a close relationship and communication with chapter advisors, the house corporation, the Grand Praetor, alumni, Headquarters and university and interfraternity council officials.

The Consul maintains current knowledge of all chapter and member developments and activities, and follows up on all operations and programs by interacting with the appropriate officers. He should attend the Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop. 

Officer Duties

  • Be ultimately accountable for everything that the chapter does or fails to do.
  • Acquaint himself with all of the requirements laid out in Sigma Chi’s Ritual, Governing Laws and policies, as well as with all chapter bylaws and campus regulations, and to ensure these standards are strictly followed.
  • Maintain the integrity of the Ritual and his chapter’s respect for and proper performance of it.
  • Ardently guard the security of the chapter’s charter, Ritual and Ritualistic materials.
  • Preside over the chapter meetings and such chapter affairs as appropriate.
  • Maintain a broad knowledge of all chapter activities and areas of operation.
  • Immediately upon election, develop a program of goals toward which he and his executive committee shall strive to achieve during his term.
  • Work with the Grand Praetor, the chapter advisor, chapter alumni and Headquarters in guiding the affairs of the chapter.
  • Acquaint all officers with the extent and importance of their duties, delegate authority and responsibility to these officers, and ensure these duties and responsibilities are carried out.
  • Maintain a close relationship with university administrators and with officers of other campus Greek-letter organizations.
  • See that chapter administrative affairs are handled promptly and that orderly chapter administrative files are maintained.
  • Maintain and strengthen the chapter’s activities, accomplishments, and proficiency in all internal and external areas.
  • Maintain high standards of chapter scholarship, discipline, etiquette, morals and hospitality as a reflection of the Ritual of Sigma Chi.
  • Watch for potential problems within the chapter and effect such measures necessary to prevent their further development.
  • Conduct himself so as to always deserve the respect and cooperation of all brothers.
  • Cultivate and preserve unity within the chapter.
  • Train and assist his successor as Consul and ensure that all other chapter officers carry out the same responsibilities toward their successors.
  • Attend the Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop. 
  • Hold himself and every member of the Fraternity accountable to the Sigma Chi Oath of Initiation.

Consul Resources

Pro consul

The Pro Consul serves as vice president or chief operating officer of the chapter, and he works closely with the Consul in carrying out chapter operations. He is chairman of the chapter’s executive committee, coordinates the work of the chapter’s other committees and serves as their liaison between the chapter and executive committee.

The Pro Consul must be prepared to assume the duties of the Consul, should he be absent or unable to serve, and he must carry out other duties as the Consul requests. He should attend the Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop.


  • Assist the Consul in ensuring that chapter affairs and operations are conducted thoroughly and efficiently, that all chapter activities are carried out in the best manner possible, and that all members and pledges conduct themselves always in the best interests of the Fraternity and the chapter.
  • Assume the full responsibilities of the Consul’s position in the Consul’s absence or incapacity.
  • Preside over and administer the affairs of the chapter executive committee.
  • Direct and coordinate the work of all chapter committees.
  • Keep himself constantly informed of chapter and Fraternity affairs and activities so as to advise the Consul and assist in the leadership of the chapter.
  • Carry out such other duties as the Consul may direct.
  • Train and assist his successor and supervise a similar training program for all incoming and outgoing officers.
  • Attend the Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop.
  • Hold himself and every member of the Fraternity accountable to the Sigma Chi oath of initiation.

pro consul resources


The Annotator keeps accurate records, reports and minutes of chapter meetings and transcribes those records into the chapter minute book. He maintains the chapter’s bylaws, administrative files and records, including the chapter’s permanent record of member data. He also coordinates the chapter programs in campus and community service and philanthropy, and he handles chapter public relations and publicity.

Annotator Resources


The Magister prepares the pledge brothers for initiation into Sigma Chi. He directs and conducts the Preparation for Brotherhood pledge education program and helps instill in the pledges the ideals of Sigma Chi. He fosters their pride in and commitment to the Fraternity through lessons of learning, participation and responsibility. The Magister must enforce, along with all members of the chapter, the Fraternity’s prohibition of hazing or any activities that are embarrassing, trivial, deceptive, demeaning or contradictory to academic responsibilities or Sigma Chi’s ideals and policies. He should attend the Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop.

Officer Duties

  • Conduct the Preparation for Brotherhood (P4B) pledge education program that prepares new members for initiation as committed, responsible and active brothers.
  • Ensure the understanding, support and involvement of all members of the undergraduate chapter in the P4B program.
  • Guide the pledge education program so that it instills pride in and commitment to the ideals of Sigma Chi through learning, participation and responsibility.
  • Prevent any activities or occurrences of hazing, or any activities that are embarrassing, trivial, deceptive, subservient or contradictory to academic responsibility.
  • Direct and conduct the program based on and consistent with Sigma Chi pledge objectives, programs and materials.
  • Ensure that the official pledge and initiation forms and fees are furnished on time to the Fraternity.
  • Oversee the chapter’s preparations for and conduct of indoctrination and Initiation activities.
  • Supervise the care of Ritual equipment.
  • Attend the Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop. 
  • Hold himself and every member of the Fraternity accountable to the Sigma Chi oath of initiation.

Magister Resources


The Quaestor is the treasurer of the chapter. He is responsible for collecting and safeguarding all funds due to the chapter, as well as preparing the budget before the start of the chapter’s fiscal year and presenting it to the chapter’s executive committee, members and advisors for approval. He also provides monthly and semiannual financial reports to Headquarters, advisors and the chapter’s Grand Praetor.

The Quaestor uses an approved bookkeeping system to keep accurate records of all of the chapter’s financial operations. He consistently reviews records and activities to ensure the chapter operates within its means. He sees that the chapter’s financial obligations to the Fraternity and other creditors are met promptly, and he completes the chapter’s federal and state tax returns and other reports.

The Quaestor is responsible for ensuring the awareness and fulfillment of chapter and individual financial obligations throughout the chapter membership. He should attend the Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop.

Officer Duties

  • As treasurer of the chapter, collect and preserve all monies due the chapter, and disburse money as the chapter needs and directs, consistent with the requirements of good business, sound fiscal procedure, Fraternity policy and chapter resources.
  • Prepare a budget before the start of the chapter fiscal year, present it to the executive committee and chapter advisor, and follow its provisions, ensuring that the chapter operates within its means.
  • Use a recognized bookkeeping system to record all chapter financial operations.
  • Ensure that all dues and fees owed the chapter and Fraternity by members and pledges are paid on time, and carry out specified enforcement procedures for overdue accounts.
  • Ensure that the chapter’s financial obligations to the Fraternity, landlord, local merchants and others are properly met.
  • Provide Headquarters, the chapter advisor and the Grand Praetor with the specified monthly and semiannual reports, as well as a yearly budget.
  • Ensure that the required reports are provided to federal and state tax and Social Security officials.
  • Attend the Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop.
  • Maintain and enforce a chapter financial policy.
  • Suspend and expel financially delinquent members.
  • Hold himself and every member of the Fraternity accountable to the Sigma Chi oath of initiation.

Quaestor resources

recruitment chairman

Officer duties

  • Plan, organize and coordinate a year-round chapter recruitment program.
  • Assist the chapter in measuring potential members against the requirements of The Jordan Standard and the ideals of the Ritual.
  • Help the chapter develop its own set of specific membership criteria in addition to that of The Jordan Standard and the Ritual.
  • Ensure that every brother, and not only a few individuals, participates in membership recruitment.
  • Coordinate all communications with prospective members, including all printed recruitment matter.
  • Ensure adherence to the recruitment regulations of the Fraternity and campus.
  • Effectively recruit all men recommended to the chapter by fellow Sigma Chis, and acknowledge and thank any brothers making such recommendations.
  • Sufficiently inform potential members of the academic standards, financial obligations and ideals of Sigma Chi.
  • Hold himself and every member of the Fraternity accountable to the Sigma Chi Oath of Initiation.
  • Attend the Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop.

Risk Manager

The Risk Manager assists in the development and implementation of the chapter’s safety/risk management program. He coordinates the risk management education of members, pledges and employees, and assists other officers in incorporating safety and risk management-related precautions into their programs. With the help of the house corporation, Chapter Advisor, Executive Committee, officers and members, he addresses concerns related to building maintenance, safety, fire, health, the use of alcohol or illegal drugs, hazing or sexual abuse.


The Tribune coordinates the preparation and mailing of all necessary chapter correspondence. He assists the Consul and other officers in preparing and submitting officer and chapter reports on time. He supplies the Headquarters, Grand Praetor, advisors and university officials with reports of new officers and other information as required. The Tribune is also in charge of the alumni relations program.

Tribune Resources

Chapter Editor

The chapter editor should publish at least two newsletters during each academic year in the interest of highlighting current alumni and undergraduate activities. He furnishes similar material to The Magazine of Sigma Chi, including quarterly news reports, photos and copies of each chapter publication. The chapter editor maintains a publications file, which should include back issues of the chapter newsletters, publications from other chapters and related material from the General Fraternity. He also coordinates the publication of other chapter printed material and assists the Tribune in maintaining accurate mailing list.

Officer Duties

  • Submit quarterly updates to The Magazine of Sigma Chi.
  • Contribute to the history of the chapter.

Deadlines for The Magazine of Sigma Chi

Summer Issue: March 15 

Fall Issue: May 1 

Winter Issue: Sept. 15 

Spring Issue: Dec. 15

Submission Guidelines

Did you know that you can submit more than a quarterly update to The Magazine? We are always looking for additional stories that highlight Sigma Chi.

Quarterly Updates

Updates must not exceed 60 words and must be uploaded through the submission platform. Emailed submissions will not be accepted for chapter updates.

You are also welcome to submit photos (high-res, 1MB or higher), but be aware that ‘action shots’ are more likely to be printed than photos of brothers simply posing for the camera. If you submit an image you must supply a photo caption, which must include the date and place that the photo was taken, along with a description of what is happening in the image. In addition, The Magazine will not publish any photos containing any real or implied depiction of alcohol or its consumption.

Chapter Editor Resources


The Kustos preserves the privacy of the chapter room and assists with chapter meetings and other specified gatherings. The Kustos also is responsible for administering the Ritual for Life post-initiation training program, and is in charge of preserving all of the chapter’s Ritual paraphernalia.

Kustos Resources

Scholarship Chairman

The scholarship chairman seeks to create and maintain an environment conducive to scholastic achievement among members and pledges, and assists the chapter’s officers in emphasizing academic priorities. He provides information on educational resources and assistance available to initiated and pledge brothers, including those available in the chapter, through the General Fraternity and the university campus. The scholarship chairman plans and conducts chapter education programs, including faculty discussions and chapter awards. He also serves as the chapter’s liaison to the Sigma Chi Foundation. The scholarship chairman also is responsible for educating the entire chapter on the scholarships that are available to them through the Foundation.

Officer Duties

  • Cultivate a priority for learning and scholastic achievement among undergraduate brothers and pledges.
  • Work with the chapter’s faculty advisor to develop scholastic programs.
  • Understand the Governing Laws requirements concerning the academics of recruits, pledges, brothers and the overall chapter.
  • Provide information regarding financial resources and assistance available from the chapter, campus and General Fraternity to the chapter’s members.
  • Plan and conduct chapter educational programs, faculty discussions, chapter awards and campus-wide academic events.
  • Assist the Consul in keeping the chapter’s brothers and pledges within the academic requirements of Sigma Chi and the university.
  • Make presentations to recruits that explain the scholastic requirements of Sigma Chi.
  • Meet with the pledge class during its first meeting to explain the academic requirements of the active chapter and the General Fraternity.
  • Assist the recruitment chairman and Magister in emphasizing academic priorities in the chapter recruitment and pledge programs. 
  • Maintain scholarship records for the chapter’s membership.
  • Put together a scholarship committee.
  • Aid in the selection, development and training of a successor. Help him to prepare a report on his activities during his time in office.
  • Develop a scholastic program for new members with the help of the Magister.
  • Hold himself and every member of the Fraternity accountable to the Sigma Chi oath of initiation.

Scholarship Chairman Resources

Philanthropy Chairman

The philanthropy chairman is responsible for overseeing and executing any and all of the chapter’s philanthropic events. He, in conjunction with the active chapter, plans philanthropic events for Sigma Chi and ensures the chapter’s participation in other charity events on and off campus. He also is responsible for fostering an environment in which the brothers understand and value the benefit of giving back to their community.

It is the philanthropy chairman’s responsibility to educate the chapter’s members on the differences between philanthropy and community service. Philanthropy is the act of raising money for charity or for another organization; community service, on the other hand, is the act of volunteering one’s time to help other people, a community or an organization.

Officer Duties

  • To plan, schedule, and execute the chapter’s philanthropic events.
  • Ensure chapter participation in other organizations’ philanthropic events and fundraisers.
  • Promote and ensure a safe and respectful environment for all philanthropic activities.
  • Maintain the chapter’s calendar of philanthropic events.
  • Utilize a philanthropy committee to assist in his duties.
  • Educate members and event participants about the Fraternity’s preferred philanthropic partner, the Huntsman Cancer Institute.
  • Record dollars raised for each event and report these figures on the chapter’s annual report to the Fraternity. The philanthropy chairman should likewise communicate this information to their university’s office of Greek-letter life and to other relevant parties.
  • Ensure that all donors receive proper thanks in the form of a written letter.
  • Work with the public relations chairman to publicize successful philanthropic events.

Philanthropy Chairman Resources


The Historian gathers and makes a permanent record of members and activities in the form of a scrapbook or chapter history. He preserves the library, historical records and properties of the chapter. The Historian also furnishes the Grand Historian with chapter information and assists in the preparation of historical material for Fraternity publications.

Consul Resources

House Manager

The House Manager coordinates chapter efforts regarding cleanliness, safety, care and maintenance of the chapter house. He works closely with the risk manager to ensure that all safety measures are in order.

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Chapter Officers

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Fraternity Governance

Chapter Advisor

The chapter advisor is appointed by the Grand Praetor and serves as the chairman of the chapter advisor’s board,working directly with the chapter officers and executive committee. Along with the Grand Praetor, the chapter advisor also serves as a liaison between the chapter and community alumni, university officials and the General Fraternity. He oversees the submission of required reports and forms and fees, particularly in areas associated with financial operations, pledging and Initiations.

Chapter Advisory Board

Alumni and community support is critical to the long-term success of any Sigma Chi undergraduate chapter. Those chapters with consistent and abundant alumni involvement tend to be the ones that operate best. To ensure that every Sigma Chi chapter realizes its full potential, local area alumni are needed to provide a solid foundation of support and consistency. An active chapter advisor’s board provides this foundation.

A chapter advisor’s board is made up of alumni members who:

• Are willing to share their expertise and provide support to an undergraduate chapter;

• Are committed to monitoring the progress of the chapter;

• Provide counsel and advice to the chapter’s leaders;

• Assist in areas such as academics, leadership, undergraduate recruitment and financial management;

• Provide emphasis on the intangible aspects of fraternalism — Ritual, brotherhood, motivation, unity and caring for one another; and

• Stay up-to-date on new and updated ideas, tools and fraternal programs.

Sigma Chi Basics

The greatest challenge facing a chapter advisor’s board is educating and motivating members to pursue the fundamental mission of Sigma Chi. To guide and advise a chapter most effectively, a chapter advisor’s board members must have a firm understanding of this basic strategic mission.

Core Values 
Friendship, justice and learning.

To be the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization — aligned, focused and living our core values.

To develop values-based leaders committed to the betterment of character, campus, and community.


In light of Sigma Chi’s mission, the purpose of the chapter advisor’s board is to:

• Exist as a separate entity from the alumni and house corporation boards;

• Provide chapters with continuity of chapter vision and goals;

• Act as a liaison between the undergraduate chapter and the Fraternity’s International Headquarters;

• Provide consistency in the advisement of chapter officers;

• Foster effective communication between alumni advisors, undergraduate members, community and campus leaders, the Fraternity’s International Headquarters, the Sigma Chi Foundation and other Sigma Chi entities;

• Assist in officer transition, leadership retreats, chapter operations and member training; and

• Provide alumni members with an opportunity to serve the General Fraternity and honor their lifelong commitments to Sigma Chi.

The chapter advisor’s board has a separate and distinct function from the house corporation board of directors that serves as the chapter house landlord and works with chapter officers on issues related to house maintenance, renovations and finances.Chapter advisor’s board members can use the expertise of Grand Praetors, Grand Trustees, International Headquarters staff, other chapter advisors and university administrators to assist in the realization of this purpose.


The common objectives of all members of the chapter advisor’s board are:

• To share the responsibilities and work load of the volunteer chapter advisor;

• To recruit alumni involvement and contribute to the improvement of chapter operations;

• To serve as a positive influence for constructive and continued development of the chapter;

• To foster the development of the fundamentals of Sigma Chi within the chapter;

• To provide guidance in leadership and participate in chapter meetings;

• To instill a sense of mutual accountability within the chapter;

• To live Sigma Chi’s core values of friendship, justice, and learning every day; and

• Provide consistency between undergraduate leadership teams during times of transition.

Board Composition and Expectations

The Grand Praetor will appoint chapter advisors to assist the chapters at each campus in his province. All chapter advisor’s board members should assume the following obligations:

• To volunteer for at least two years;

• To attend regularly-scheduled meetings of the chapter advisor’s board, including attending an undergraduate chapter meeting once every four to six weeks during the school year;

• To assist with undergraduate chapter events (e.g.., recruitment, alumni functions, university receptions, Initiation ceremonies); and

• To be available for other responsibilities as requested by the Grand Praetor and/or chapter advisor.

The chapter advisor’s board can be composed of alumni that mirror the undergraduate Executive Committee. If necessary, complementary roles and responsibilities can be combined to accommodate the particular number of willing and able volunteers and undergraduate chapter size. Chapter advisor’s board members do not have to be alumni of the specific chapter that they are assigned to advise. In fact, it is often a good practice to include someone on the board who is not an alumnus of the chapter who can offer outside opinions on matters before the board. For example, the roles of pledge advisor and recruitment advisor could be combined into the role of membership advisor. The chapter advisor might formally assume risk management responsibilities. Such adjustments can be made as the chapter advisor’s board sees fit as long as all necessary advisement responsibilities are assumed by some chapter advisor’s board member.

Chapter Advisor

The chapter advisor reports to the Grand Praetor. Their responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Hold every undergraduate chapter member accountable to the values of Sigma Chi.

• Provide general assistance and guidance for chapter programs and operations.

• Attend weekly chapter meetings on a regular basis (or as necessary).

• Meet regularly with the chapter’s Consul and Executive Committee (or as necessary).

• Be readily available to the chapter’s members via telephone and email.

• Facilitate annual officer transition and brotherhood retreats.

• Have a working knowledge of the Ritual, Constitution and General Fraternity policies and procedures;

• Facilitate strategic planning (e.g., risk management) and ensure that plans are implemented by the chapter.

• Ensure that chapter goals and deadlines are met on a timely basis.

• Monitor the chapter’s progress on the criteria for the Peterson Significant Chapter Award.

Chairman of Chapter Advisory Board

• Establish and communicate the vision, mission and mutual expectations of the chapter advisor’s board.

• Facilitate goal setting and monitor progress of the chapter advisor’s board.

• Organize and lead monthly meetings of the chapter advisor’s board.

• Communicate regularly with members of the chapter advisor’s board via email and telephone.

• Organize training sessions for new and returning chapter advisor’s board members.

Liaison between chapter, University and the General Fraternity

• Serve as a liaison between the active chapter, Grand Praetor and Sigma Chi International Headquarters.

• Communicate, as needed, with the chapter’s Greek Advisor.

• Communicate ,as needed, with the chapter’s Grand Praetor.

• Communicate, as needed, with Headquarters staff.

Chapter Advisory Board Resources

Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.) Manual — This resource is produced every two years by Headquarters and contains deadlines, governance details, the Fraternity’s Constitution and other policies and procedures relevant to all aspects of Sigma Chi. If you do not have one, you may download a copy electronically at sigmachi.org or request a physical copy from Headquarters.

Ritual Book — All chapter advisors should receive one Ritual book. The Ritual is the basis for Sigma Chi and a thorough understanding of its purpose and teachings can avoid many conflicts that arise in the chapter.

The Norman Shield — Produced every two years, this pledge manual contains many materials, statistics and information that are given to pledges.

Preparation for Brotherhood Series — Broken down into three sections: Magister’s Guide, Guide to I-week, and Post Initiation Training.

The Magazine of Sigma Chi — The Fraternity’s premier award-winning publication provides great news about the General Fraternity and stories of members throughout Sigma Chi in its quarterly issues.

sigmachi.org — Sigma Chi’s website is a point where many of the Fraternity’s resources come together in one location. Please check it on a regular basis for updates as this will help guide your search to your desired answer.

Grand Praetor — A member of the Grand Council, the Grand Praetor is responsible for overseeing and advising the chapters in his specific province. In addition, he is responsible for appointing chapter advisors and additional mentors. (Additional roles and responsibilities can be found in the S.O.P. manual.)

Grand Trustee  — The officer responsible for serving as a liaison between local house corporations in certain geographic regions and the International Fraternity. (Additional roles and responsibilities can be found in the S.O.P. manual.)

Sigma Chi Headquarters Staff — A full-time professional staff that is employed by the General Fraternity and led by the Executive Director. You may find contact information and responsibilities online at sigmachi.org/staff.

Constantine Capital Incorporated (CCI) — It is the mission of Constantine Capital Inc. (CCI) to assist chapters of the Sigma Chi Fraternity in providing adequate housing to its members by making available and managing existing loan funds from the General Fraternity and the Sigma Chi Foundation. CCI will also explore and seek out new sources of capital that may also be available for this same purpose. It is also the responsibility of CCI to preserve all existing funds.

Mission 365 — Sigma Chi’s year-round recruitment training program is available by request to chapters that are in need of assistance with recruitment. Please contact Sigma Chi Headquarters to request more information.

Sigma Chi Foundation — The Sigma Chi Foundation is a charitable and educational tax-exempt organization, separate and independent from the Fraternity, whose express purpose is to serve as an educational funding resource for the undergraduate and graduate student members of the Sigma Chi International Fraternity. Through leadership initiatives such as the Horizons leadership development program, the Mission 365 recruitment training workshop and Balfour Leadership Training Workshop, the Sigma Chi Foundation prepares our young men to be values-centered leaders who will guide us in the 21st century.

Faculty Advisor

The faculty advisor, not necessarily a Sigma Chi, is a faculty or staff member of the chapter’s college or university. He or she provides guidance for the chapter’s educational program and assists brothers and pledges with their academic responsibilities. The faculty advisor also serves as a liaison between the chapter and college or university administration and as an advisor to the scholarship chairman.

  • Form a working relationship with the chapter’s president and scholarship chairman to help them enhance their scholarship program.
  • Meet with the chapter’s scholarship chairman to review the chapter’s scholarship program and academic progress.
  • Meet with the chapter officers early in the fall and winter terms to review the chapter’s strategic plan.
  • Create a college/university resource list for tutors, counselors, mentors, etc.
  • Provide academic assistance to members and pledges in need of such help.
  • Make office hours available specifically for Sigma Chi members

Faculty Advisor Resources

Operating and Oversight Boards are another position in Fraternity Governance. Please contact Sigma Chi for more details.