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The Sigma Chi Career Advantage will support members in successfully navigating their professional and personal lives after college. We will provide knowledge, tools, resources and connection opportunities for both our undergraduate and alumni members as they build their lives and careers. Our vision is to deliver an infrastructure that truly leverages the worldwide community of Sigma Chi to support the vocational and professional development of all members at all life stages. 

The goals of the Sigma Chi Career Advantage are to: 

  • Foster professional relationships among members 
  • Provide career development education and resources 
  • Connect members to career opportunities 
  • Promote and facilitate lifelong engagement in the Fraternity 

These initiatives would not be possible without support from our dedicated volunteers. From reviewing resumes, serving as a mentor or moderating a panel, we need your career insights! If you are interested in getting involved, please complete our interest form:

We have also launched the Sigma Chi Learning Consortium. Delivering on our ritualistic commitment to lifelong learning. We are offering monthly online sessions to help members foster leadership skills, build character and promote positive relationships. We have partnered with best-selling authors, career authorities and thought leaders, along with our own member experts. You can easily access this content, including registering for live sessions and viewing recordings, below. 

Resume Review

We are pleased to offer resume reviews for undergraduate students and recent alumni. Sigma Chi alumni and organizational members with a wide range of career and industry experience will be providing feedback on submissions. Resume reviews can be beneficial for determining how easy it is to find important information; checking for spelling, grammar and formatting; identifying missing details; and compatibility with applicant tracking systems, among other benefits. The review period is now closed, but please check back later. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Be on the lookout for emails from alumni@sigmachi.org and resumereview@sigmachi.org. 


Sigma Chi Fraternity is currently piloting the SigConnect career mentorship program with a small group of undergraduate and alumni participants for the 2023-2024 academic year. Our aim is to expand this initiative to benefit all undergraduate brothers in the future. We plan to focus on refining SigConnect resources for deployment at local chapter and/or regional levels, while also implementing technology solutions to enhance connectivity within our member network.

For updates, please visit this page or our social media channels. To ensure receipt of our communications, kindly add “mentoring@sigmachi.org” to your email contacts. For inquiries, please contact us at mentoring@sigmachi.org.

Officer Resume Points

This list will help you get started on describing your Sigma Chi leadership experience on your resume, but you should always take the time to thoughtfully consider what you accomplished in your role. Refer to these items to strengthen your resume and provide clear descriptions of your duties while serving as a chapter officer. Choose the items that closely align with your role and are relevant to the job you’re applying for. Customize your descriptions to include your specific accomplishments. Avoid Sigma Chi-specific jargon and use general, easy-to-understand terms (such as President). 

President (Consul) 

  • Accountable for the overall performance and actions of the chapter of (#) members, ensuring adherence to chapter bylaws and policies, as well as campus regulations.
  • Supervised the executive committee of (#) officers and ensured compliance with their unique duties and expectations. 
  • Developed and implemented a strategic program of goals for the executive committee to achieve during the term, collaborating with internal and external stakeholders
  • Presided over (#) chapter meetings and managed chapter affairs, fostering a broad understanding of all operational areas and activities within the chapter
  • Upheld the integrity of Sigma Chi’s Ritual and ensured proper performance of (#) members, while serving as a liaison to campus and community representatives 

Vice President (Pro Consul)

  • Supported the President in overseeing chapter operations, ensuring activities were conducted efficiently and in the best interests of the Fraternity, assuming the President’s duties in their absence.
  • Managed the chapter executive committee, facilitating (#) meetings to ensure effective communication and coordination among members.
  • Provided leadership to (#) of chapter committees, directing their work and ensuring alignment with chapter goals and priorities.
  • Maintained up-to-date knowledge of chapter and Fraternity affairs, advising the President and contributing to the leadership of the chapter.
  • Implemented training programs for successors and officers, fostering continuity and accountability within the chapter. 

Recruitment Chair

  • Developed and executed a comprehensive year-round recruitment program, encompassing planning, organization, and coordination to attract (#) prospective members to the chapter.
  • Assisted the chapter in evaluating potential members against specific membership criteria tailored to chapter values.
  • Ensured active participation of all brothers in the recruitment process, fostering a culture of inclusivity and collective responsibility for membership outreach efforts.
  • Managed all communication channels with prospective members, including the creation and dissemination of recruitment materials, while ensuring compliance with both Fraternity and campus recruitment regulations.
  • Provided thorough information to potential members regarding academic standards, financial obligations, and the values of Sigma Chi

Risk Manager 

  • Contributed to the development and execution of the chapter’s safety and risk management program, ensuring compliance with organizational policies and regulations.
  • Coordinated comprehensive risk management education for members, pledges, and employees, emphasizing preventative measures and promoting a culture of safety within the chapter.
  • Collaborated with house corporation, Chapter Advisor, Executive Committee, officers, and members to address concerns related to building maintenance, safety protocols, fire prevention, health standards, and the responsible use of alcohol and drugs.
  • Provided guidance and support to other officers in integrating safety and risk management considerations into their respective programs and activities, fostering a proactive approach to risk mitigation.
  • Responded promptly and effectively to any incidents or allegations of hazing, sexual abuse, or other safety-related issues, working alongside relevant stakeholders to ensure appropriate resolution and prevention measures.

New Member Educator (Magister) 

  • Facilitated the Preparation for Brotherhood pledge education program, fostering a culture of commitment, responsibility, and active participation among (#) new members, preparing them for initiation as dedicated Sigma Chi brothers.
  • Managed the logistical aspects of new member education, including the timely submission of official pledge and initiation forms and fees, overseeing indoctrination and initiation activities, and ensuring proper care of Ritual equipment
  • Engaged and garnered support from all members of the undergraduate chapter in the program, ensuring their understanding and involvement in the new member education process. 

Secretary (Annotator)

  • Maintained precise records, reports, and minutes of chapter meetings, ensuring accuracy and completeness, and transcribed them into the chapter minute book for documentation and reference.
  • Managed the chapter’s administrative files, including bylaws and member data records, maintaining an organized and up-to-date system for easy access and retrieval of information.
  • Distributed pertinent organization information to (#) of chapter members through weekly communications, as well as designated information to campus and other organizational stakeholders 

Treasurer (Quaestor)

  • Managed the collection and preservation of chapter funds, ensuring adherence to sound fiscal procedures, Fraternity policies, and chapter resources, while responsibly disbursing funds as directed by the chapter.
  • Developed and presented a comprehensive budget 0f ($) at the start of the chapter fiscal year, collaborating with the executive committee and chapter advisor to ensure alignment with chapter objectives and financial sustainability.
  • Implemented a recognized bookkeeping system to accurately record all chapter financial transactions, maintaining organized and up-to-date financial records.
  • Ensured timely payment of all dues, fees, and financial obligations owed to the chapter, Fraternity, landlords, local merchants, and other stakeholders totaling ($), while enforcing specified procedures for overdue accounts.
  • Provided monthly, semiannual, and yearly financial reports to Headquarters, the chapter advisor, and other internal and external stakeholders.

Career Development

These resources were developed by dedicated volunteers from the Member Engagement Committee with broad professional expertise, specifically within business and career development. If you have any questions or requests for additional assistance, please contact us at alumni@sigmachi.org.

Resume Review Checklist
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Questions to ask in interviews
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Resignation Tips & Template

Explore our extensive collection of video content focused on career and professional development through the Sigma Chi Learning Consortium. Take advantage of this invaluable resource to enhance your skills and advance your professional journey.

Additional Resources

These additional external resources come highly recommended by esteemed Sigma Chi alumni as valuable assets to support your career development journey.


Our team also recommends contacting your university’s career center. They typically offer a wide variety of career and professional development support at no cost to you from professional career coaches, including advice specific to your field of study.