Chapter and Member Conduct Form

Sigma Chi International Fraternity provides a welcoming environment for young men of different temperaments, talents and convictions to enjoy a unique lifelong bond that extends far beyond college. Through world-class leadership training, extensive mentoring programs and a strong focus on academic achievement, Sigma Chi sets itself apart as the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization, challenging members to live by its core values and exemplify Character-in-Action™ in every aspect of their lives and the lives of others.

Sigma Chi members are expected to uphold and abide by certain standards of conduct as established in the Fraternity’s constitution and governing laws.

Members additionally are expected to abide by their college or university’s policies and regulations and to hold each other accountable to these standards.

When members fail to exemplify the International Fraternity and their college or university’s shared values, Sigma Chi holds those members accountable through conduct proceedings.

Chapter and Member Conduct Incident Reporting Form

Please use this form to report to Sigma Chi International Fraternity headquarters concerns related to a Sigma Chi chapter or member. You can file the report anonymously by omitting your contact information from those fields. Please note, however, that omitting your contact information may hinder Sigma Chi International Fraternity’s ability to investigate. Should you wish to include your contact information but remain anonymous, please indicate that by checking the appropriate box in the form below. Please answer each question in as much detail as possible. If you do not have information regarding a question, indicate that in the space provided. If you are in possession of any emails, text messages, photos or social media posts that are relevant to this report, please upload those materials in the Supporting Files and Documentation section located at the bottom of this page.

Alternately, you may contact Sigma Chi International Fraternity’s accountability team at (847) 425-4924 or at accountability@sigmachi.org should you have any questions or would like to speak with an International Fraternity headquarters staff member.

For information regarding specific chapter-related conduct violations, please submit a request to the office of accountability at International Headquarters via email to accountability@sigmachi.org. Please include the chapter and school name along with a brief explanation of your request.