The Constantine Housing Initiative


The Constantine Housing Initiative’s (CHI) Mission is to increase the level of General Fraternity support to volunteers, staff and local House Corporations, as they strive to maintain and improve the quality of Sigma Chi housing.



CHI’s vision is to provide, preserve and protect student housing opportunities that strengthen the Sigma Chi undergraduate experience.



Financing for Sigma Chi Chapter Houses



CHI supplies Vendors and Resources for Sigma Chi Chapter Houses



Title Preservation for Sigma Chi Chapter Houses


    + Financing for New Construction, Renovations, Additions
    and Life Safety Improvements
    + Property & Project Management Resources and Support
    + Preservation of Title and Conservation of Sigma Chi
    Chapter House Properties

CHI can and will review the option to acquire a Chapter House. In certain circumstances, a Chapter House may be acquired by CHI when a House Corporation is not in a position to do so. 

CHI is currently researching and providing Property Management Resources and plans to enhance this service option in the future.

CHI can accommodate most loan requests for Renovation, Purchase or Life Safety Projects. Contact the CHI staff for current rates and terms. 

CHI can assist a House Corporation with Acquisition, Design and Construction of a Chapter House from start to finish. 

Chi works with the Grand Trustees to provide support and resources to the House Corporations at an individual and group level. Local Grand Trustees are available for immediate guidance and can direct House Corporations to CHI when available.

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