CHI helps eligible house corporations secure financing for:  

Property Acquisition, Remodeling and Life Safety Projects

By reviewing items such as incorporation documents, proformas, reserve studies and tax filings, as well as budgets, income & expense statements, and creditworthiness, CHI helps ensure house corporations can realistically meet their proposed financial obligations. This collaboration also allows CHI to identify areas of operation where a House Corporation needs support, and offer input for improving cashflow, increasing occupancy, reducing expenses and planning capital improvements.

Loan Application

Loans may be for the purpose of purchasing, constructing, renovating, rehabilitating, or refinancing. Commitments may be made for the guaranty of real estate loans made by other parties. Said loans or guarantees will be secured primarily by a first or second lien on real property used or intended to be used for the lodging or housing of Sigma Chi members.

The primary consideration in extending credit is the credit worthiness of the applicant. Acceptable debt service coverage and adequate cash flow are important elements of the credit decision. CHI will utilize underwriting standards and documentation procedures that are generally followed by regulated commercial financial institutions. Applications must be submitted in complete form and in accordance with the application guidelines supplied by CHI

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