leadership model

The principles of wisdom and self-control are key to anyone’s reflection of their true self.

Sigma Chi focuses on the personal growth of our members through the lifelong learning and coaching of our values.

Sigma Chi believes that one’s life should be a quest or search for wisdom, that the hunger for knowledge will ripen into learning and learning into wisdom. In this way, our members have the potential to make this world a better place.

We are also reflected in the accountability of our members, their ability to make values-based decisions and engage in proper risk management. All leaders must be able to control their minds, their bodies and their hearts.

Utilizing self-control, a leader must direct their own actions before expecting to direct the actions of others.

By standing up for principled beliefs, while understanding the needs and motivations of others, a values-based leader becomes focused on all aspects of team.

Sigma Chis understand that our world and organization is comprised of people with different temperaments, talents and convictions.

In spite of these differences, our members aim to live our organization’s core values “out loud” each and every day as our Founders’ did — regardless of their differences — displaying courage.

Through feedback and communication, and the ability to understand differences respectfully and with courtesy, our members learn to process and respect opinions for the betterment of our brotherhood and our world.

Through decision making and strategic planning, the action of true leaders impact both their selves and the others around them.

The most important value developed by a Sigma Chi is integrity. Being truthful and having a high sense of honor in life, leaders with integrity realize that everything they do is a statement about who they are as a person.

The decisions and choices made on a daily basis, the execution and follow through of those actions, define who we are and what we believe in.

Our members are also defined by their high ambition, aspiring for something better and exhibiting energy and motivation in every task — aspiring for something better with every action they take.

Each of us, by focusing on our self and others, through the actions we exhibit, directly impact the various communities we live, serve and represent.

Whether it’s staying true to a collaborative effort in the classroom or office place, showing allegiance by giving back to a community through volunteer or public service, or donating time or treasure to a worthy philanthropy, Sigma Chis display fidelity — remaining true to principle, loyal and faithful to a greater cause.

By exhibiting each of our seven core values and focusing on four key areas of life, Sigma Chis are directly impacting the world for the greater good.