The Sigma Chi
Recruitment Kit

A Guide to all things Recruitment and to get you
ready for fall 2023.

Access the best information, tips and tools for recruiting your chapter's next pledge class.

Our kit includes recruitment videos, easy-to-edit templates for social media, stock imagery specific to Sigma Chi and much more.

Recruitment Guide, SCLI BROCHURE and Course Catalogue

A comprehensive recruitment guide that utilizes the core principles of the Mission 365 recruitment training program combined with the best practices utilized by chapters, as well as a brochure that explains the future of Sigma Chi programming and certificate opportunities available through the Sigma Chi Leadership Institute (SCLI).

Web Design Guide

A guide for putting together your new recruitment website. This guide includes details on which fonts and colors to use, as well as helpful tips for adding structure to your site.

About Sigma Chi Video

A concise all about Sigma Chi video that can be used by any chapter.

Recruitment Flyer

A two-page flyer that is designed to give potential new members the information that they need to know about Sigma Chi International Fraternity.

Social Media Templates

Templates for your use on social media posts or as banners to advertise for your upcoming events.


Images for your use on social media posts or on your new recruitment website.

Custom Video Requests

Interested in having a custom video made for your chapter’s website or social media channels? Reach out to us below.

Recruitment Gear

Order T-shirts and other gear for your chapter. Navigate to the store below.

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