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  • Sigma Chi Podcast — March 2020 (Walker Montgomery, Fraternity COVID-19 Update)
    The fifth episode of the Sigma Chi Podcast features rising country music artist Walker Montgomery, KENTUCKY 2021, (27:00 mark) whose newest single "Like My Daddy Done It" is finding success one month into its release. We talk about that song, his songwriting, his prestigious country music family background, musical influences and much, much more. // […]
  • Sigma Chi Podcast — February 2020 (Patrick Muldoon, Two Friends)
    The fourth episode of the Sigma Chi Podcast features new Significant Sig actor Patrick Muldoon, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 1990, featured in movies like "Starship Troopers" and television shows such as "Saved By The Bell," "Melrose Place" and "Days Of Our Lives"; and 36th International Sweetheart Lauren Lewallen sits down with internationally renowned Producer/DJ duo Two Friends, […]
  • Sigma Chi Podcast - November 2019 (Sean Payton, Michael Connelly)
    The third episode of the Sigma Chi Podcast features two headline-making alumni: Significant Sig Sean Payton, EASTERN ILLINOIS 1987, the Super Bowl-winning coach of the New Orleans Saints, who presently lead the NFC South Division with a 7-1 record; and, New York Times #1 best-selling author Significant Sig Michael Connelly, FLORIDA 1980, whose "Bosch" series […]
  • Sigma Chi Podcast - October 2019 (Rep. Ruben Gallego, James Grimaldi, Eric Hansen)
    The second episode of the Sigma Chi Podcast features an in depth discussion about the Sigma Chi Founding Site in Oxford, Ohio with 20th Grand Historian and Order of Constantine Sig Eric Hansen, CINCINNATI 1989, and the first part of the "Sigs in Washington, D.C." series featuring interviews with Arizona Congressman Significant Sig Ruben Gallego, […]
  • Sigma Chi Podcast — September 2019 (Keith Krach)
    The debut episode of the Sigma Chi Podcast features 64th Grand Consul, Significant Sig and Order of Constantine Sig Keith Krach, PURDUE 1979, the United States Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment.