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Horizons is a leadership development experience for qualified undergraduate Sigma Chis with at least one year remaining in college, and who wish to improve their understanding of leadership as it relates to personal development, group dynamics, and intentional efforts to make positive change in the world. The program is offered at no cost to the participants thanks to the generous support of the Sigma Chi Foundation and the Sigma Chi Canadian Foundation.

The Horizons program is held in an ideal setting for outdoor adventure, interactive learning, and inspired reflection. Participants begin their experiences through a series of reflective and thought-provoking questions in the application process, continue learning through pre-session readings, and then immerse themselves in whole-brain learning experience that engages their minds and bodies onsite in Snowbird, Utah. Finally, participants’ continue their Horizons experience through post-session mentoring by alumni and follow-up electronic leadership lessons and guidance.

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Apply for Horizons

The application is due no later than 11:59 pm, on February 15, 2021.

Decision letters will be sent in March and a final acceptance will be due in April.

If you have any questions, please contact the Horizons Team, at horizons@sigmachi.org

Horizons 2021 Program Dates

  • Session 1: June 6 – June 13, 2021
  • Session 2: June 13 – 20, 2021
  • Session 3: July 4 – 11, 2021
  • Session 4: July 11 – 18, 2021
  • Session 5: July 18 – 25, 2021

Candidate Requirements

The Sigma Chi Horizons Operating Board will select 48 undergraduates for each of the 5 sessions based upon the following criteria:

  • Availability for any, or all, of the sessions listed above;
  • Have one full scholastic year remaining in your undergraduate studies as of May 31, 2021;
  • Willingness and commitment to participate in pre and post event surveys, activities and assignments;
  • Completion of the Online Application (including receipt of all attachments and a letter of reference) by the end of the day February 15, 2020;
  • Good academic, financial and Sigma Chi member standing; and
  • Initiated by May 31, 2021

2021 Essay Questions

  1. Looking within, who are you and what values define you? Please provide specific examples of how you demonstrate these values to others.
  2. Who inspires you?  How does that person impact your personal development?
  3. Describe a personal experience when you have been aligned with others around a common goal or purpose. What was your process and what did you learn?


The Horizons Operating Board is seeking our most qualified and best young Brothers to apply. Our program remains a competitive selection process blind to chapter affiliation with all personal information redacted when grading.  

Program attendees will be selected through a review of applications meeting all Candidate Requirements, focusing on biographical information, personal essay questions, and a reference letter. You must be eager, willing and available to attend the entire program.


Thanks to the generous contributions of many Sigma Chi Brothers to the Sigma Chi Foundation, Participants are awarded a scholarship valued at $3,000 to cover the full cost of their experience. which includes travel, on-site food, lodging, and meeting costs.

Participants begin their experiences in an on-site immersion of whole-brained learning that engages their minds and bodies. 

As a participant, you will explore the inner territories of leadership:

  • How leadership is directly linked to your values and character
  • How you can incorporate high-minded values into a lifelong practice of leadership
  • How you can discover and utilize your full potential

A team of Sigma Chi alumni faculty who have been carefully chosen and intensively trained to guide the Horizons program, and who share your commitment to self-improvement, will guide you. You will learn from your guide, the other undergraduates, and from yourself.

The Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit will unfold amid the splendor of Snowbird, Utah, an ideal setting for outdoor adventure, interactive learning, and inspired reflection. It will push you to think and act differently. The experience is just a first step, it is the beginning of a personal journey that will change you, and in so doing, change our world.3

horizons frequently asked questions

What is horizons?

The Horizons Journey begins with the Huntsman Leadership Summit, a six-day, intensive, interactive, values-based leadership experience focused on developing undergraduate Sigma Chis and continues with long-distancing coaching back on campus and in the community. You will be led by trained alumni in a group of 8 undergraduates, from chapters across the US and Canada, to experience values-based leadership immersion while learning more about yourself and others.

Who is eligible to attend?

The Sigma Chi Horizons Operating Board will select 48 undergraduates for each of the sessions based upon the criteria noted below:

  • Availability for one of the five sessions. Each session is six full days in duration.
  • Have at least one full scholastic year remaining in your undergraduate studies as of June 1st, 2020.
  • Willingness and commitment to participate in pre- and post-summit event surveys, activities and assignments.
  • Completion of the Online Application (including one letter of reference) by the end of the day February 10, 2020.
  • Good academic, financial and Sigma Chi member standing.
  • Initiated by May 31, 2020.

Horizons seeks our most qualified and sincere young brothers and pledge brothers (who will be initiated by May 31, 2020) to apply. The Horizons Operating Board selects program attendees through a detailed and comprehensive review of applications meeting all candidate requirements, focusing on requested biographical information, personal essay questions, and a personal reference/recommendation letter. The Horizons journey utilizes a competitive selection process that evaluates all applicants on their own merits, while involving as many chapters as possible, in each of the following areas:

  • Commitment to involvement in chapter, campus, and community activities.
  • Desire to learn more about one’s self and others.
  • Maturity that includes an honest and genuine reflection of self and personal insight into one’s talents and values.
  • An understanding of and demonstration of actions that are congruous with Sigma Chi values.
  • A potential for future leadership.

If you meet these criteria and an opportunity to challenge yourself and our world interests you, the application will be available soon to become a 2020 Huntsman Leadership Scholar!

how much does it cost to you?

$0. It is completely free to you as long as you fulfill your voluntary obligations to the Horizons journey. Thanks to the generous contributions of many Sigma Chi Brothers to the Sigma Chi Foundation, Horizons and the Huntsman Leadership Summit is made available virtually free of charge to all selected, qualified participants. Participants will receive an internal scholarship (you will not receive a bill, we take care of the finances internally) to attend the Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit, which covers the cost of program tuition, travel from an airport in your area to and from Snowbird, Utah, all on-site food, lodging, and meeting costs. Personal incidental expenses, like souvenirs, are the responsibility of each attendee.

when is it?

  • Session 1: May 31 – June 7, 2020
  • Session 2: June 7 – 14, 2020
  • Session 3: June 14 – 21, 2020
  • Session 4: July 5 – 12, 2020
  • Session 5: July 12 – 19, 2020

where is it?

The Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit is set in beautiful Snowbird, Utah, a year-round mountain resort located near Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information about Snowbird, visit snowbird.com.

is the program intended for people who only want to be consuls?

No. Horizons does not target brothers currently installed in an office or wishing to attain a certain position within the chapter. Instead, Horizons’ focus is to take an undergraduate brother who has the desire to be a strong leader and give him the tools and confidence to be successful as a leader and a solid member of society.

The Horizons program mission is, “To empower value-based leaders to act in alignment with the Sigma Chi Ritual for the betterment of Self, Others and Community.”

what are the deadlines?

The application deadline is Feb. 10, 2020, by 11:59pm. All applications and letters of reference must be received by this date. Acceptance notifications will go out by the first week of April 2020. Please see Important Dates for additional information.

will i be sitting in a classroom all day?

No. The interactive nature of Horizons makes it a truly unique and special experience. The Horizons curriculum takes full advantage of the outdoor resources of Snowbird.

what should i bring?

You will need nothing more than clothes, a sturdy pair of athletic shoes, and a willingness to be challenged.


Yes! Horizons is designed for brothers who currently hold leadership positions and those who have not yet had an opportunity to demonstrate their potential. We believe that leaders are made, not born, and we intend to provide you with the tools to become a true leader for your entire life.


Your letter of reference should be from someone who can attest to your character, values and leadership abilities. A letter of recommendation coming from a person with an impressive title does not help your chances of getting accepted to Horizons if that person cannot vouch for your character or does not know you personally. Sometimes, the most impressive letter of recommendation may come from a brother, classmate, professor or advisor.

Please see Apply for Horizons or contact Sigma Chi Headquarters for additional information.

the alumni journey

Horizons Guide Training

As an alumnus member of Sigma Chi Fraternity, you are eligible to serve as a Horizons Guide. Guides are immersed in the same interactive learning experienced by undergraduate participants. You will be highly trained to inspire, and share the Horizons journey with the undergraduates of Sigma Chi. The next Guide Training will tenatively take place Fall of 2020 onsite at Snowbird, UT.

as a guide training participant

You Will Explore the Inner Territories of Leadership:

  • How leadership is directly linked to one’s values and character
  • How to incorporate high-minded values into the lifelong practice of leadership
  • How to discover and utilize your full potential

Expectations of a Guide:

  • Fully participate in the Horizons experience during the guide training in Snowbird, Utah.
  • Agree to guide a minimum of three Horizons sessions over the next six years
  • Support and follow-up with a minimum of eight small group participants
  • Provide feedback on the program to the Horizons Oversight Committee
  • Ability and willingness to communicate electronically


If you are interested in Horizons Guide Training or have any questions, please contact DJ Morris, Leadership Programs Coordinator, at (847) 425-4431, or dj.morris@sigmachi.org.

horizons internship

The Sigma Chi Fraternity has taken great strides in continually providing leadership development opportunities for its undergraduate members. In addition to participation in the Horizons Leadership Program, undergraduate brothers are also eligible to serve the Fraternity as a member of the Horizons Operating Board for an entire year after attending Horizons as a participant. 


The first and primary role Horizons interns play is a liaison between Horizons participants and headquarters staff. Interns are responsible for establishing contact with each and every participant in their session to ensure participants are adequately prepared for program. 

The interns’ secondary responsibilities include serving as a critical member of Team Aspen, the on-site logistical team, during the session. Interns will provide logistical support in addition to contributing to critical planning and development decisions that will ensure the proper, efficient and successful execution of the session. Interns will also have the opportunity to serve as the undergradute representatives to the Horizons Operating Board for an entire year. Tasked with overseeing the development and maintence of Horizons, the HOB meets twice year around the country to conduct its business.


The 2021 Horizons Internship Application is available here.


Below are examples of previous essay questions:

  1.  What is the purpose of Horizons? 
  2.  What’s a challenge you faced after Horizons and what resources from Horizons did you use to over come it?
  3.  Since departing Snowbird, how have you furthered a goal from you Life Quest?
  4.  What generated your interest in this internship and how will it help you grow?
  5.  What would you change about Horizons and how will you improve it as an intern?

If you have any questions regarding the internship, please contact us.

snowbird, ut

The Horizons Program is held every summer among the beautiful landscape of Snowbird, Utah.  Snowbird resides in Little Cottownwood Canyon of the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains.  It is most recognized for its skiing during the winter months and hiking and festivals during the summer months.  The Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, which opened in 1971, has been hosting the Sigma Chi Horizons Program at its grounds since 1999 and continues to be an excellent, collaborative partner with the Fraternity.

For more information about Snowbird, feel free to visit the Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort Website.