Statement of Policy on Human Decency and Dignity
One of the objectives of the Sigma Chi Fraternity is the achievement of purposeful living, both in college and in the years that follow. Further, the Fraternity strives to promote leadership responsibility and instill the ideals of good citizenship. 
Sigma Chi teaches and is committed to the principle that dignity, self-esteem and respect are the inalienable rights of every individual. Each brother shares the responsibility of preserving the rights of all brothers, pledges and guests at all times. The Fraternity does not condone any activity that is destructive, demeaning or abusive to anyone or any group nor does it condone any form of sexual harassment or personal degradation. 
The Fraternity charges its members to live up to the expectations of the Ritual and to exemplify the ideals of friendship, justice and learning in their daily lives, and to hold their brothers accountable to these same expectations. As The Sigma Chi Creed states, we believe in fairness, decency and good manners, and we endeavor to so build ourselves and so conduct ourselves that we will ever be a credit to our Fraternity. 
What others think of Sigma Chi is vital not only to our continued success, but to our survival as well. The reputation of Sigma Chi is at stake. None of us has the right to disregard the effect of our personal actions on our brothers or on our Fraternity. 
Therefore, in any campus or community involvement, conduct becoming a Sigma Chi dictates courtesy regardless of another's background or beliefs. A Sigma Chi brother respects another individual's rights, just as he would wish his own to be respected. 
Acts of verbal harassment, physical aggression or intolerance are unacceptable in the Sigma Chi Fraternity. If any brother or chapter is found engaging in activities unbecoming a Sigma Chi, this Statement of Policy on Human Decency & Dignity will be enforced. If necessary, actions leading to individual suspension or expulsion, or to the suspension or revocation of a chapter's charter, may be initiated to ensure compliance.
This statement was adopted as official policy of the Fraternity by the Executive Committee in 1995.