Evanston, Illinois — The Executive Committee (EC) of the Sigma Chi International Fraternity has voted to immediately suspend the organization’s chapter at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. The suspension is effective immediately and for an indefinite period of time.  


The International Fraternity made the decision due to hazing-related activity and member accountability issues within the chapter. The members’ actions were inconsistent with the Fraternity’s values, and the EC was left with no other option than to suspend the chapter’s charter.  


Undergraduate members of the chapter have been moved to suspended active status and will be unable to participate in anything that could be conceived of as a Sigma Chi activity until 2025.  


The Fraternity’s goal is to eventually return the chapter to campus; however, it will not attempt to do so prior to 2025. The Fraternity also will partner with Ohio University to ensure that future members of the chapter will have a positive environment where they can be successful in their endeavors.  


“The Executive Committee endeavored with all earnestness to keep the doors of the Fraternity’s chapter at Ohio University open,” says 72nd Grand Consul (international president) Tim Sanderson, WESTERN 1985. “In this instance, however, our members’ actions made our decision to close the chapter a necessary one.”