Sigma Chi International Fraternity has selected 21 men for admission into the Order of Constantine, its highest honor for members who have committed years of exemplary service to the organization.  

The 2022 honorees will be inducted into the Order of Constantine either at Sigma Chi’s 84th Grand Chapter in Toronto in June 2023 or at a local Fraternity event. 

Fewer than 850 brothers have been inducted into the Order of Constantine since its establishment during the 47th Grand Chapter in Seattle in 1948. To be considered for induction into the Order of Constantine, prospective members must have performed years of faithful service to the Fraternity and be endorsed by five Sigma Chis for admission, at least three of whom must have been inducted into the select group in a prior year. 

Below is the list of new inductees: 

  • Dan Brown, BUTLER 1984
  • Calder Clay III, GEORGIA 1979
  • Chuck Colton, ARIZONA 1969
  • Don Copeland, STEPHEN F. AUSTIN 1989
  • David Decker, NORTHERN ARIZONA 1979
  • Clyde Dornier, OKLAHOMA STATE 1985
  • Richard Dissly, MONTANA STATE 1966
  • Sonny Freeman, ILLINOIS WESLEYAN 1970
  • Chris Hicks, GEORGIA SOUTHWESTERN 1996
  • Mark Jackson, CENTRAL FLORIDA 1989
  • Jim Lawson, SAN DIEGO STATE 1985
  • Jim Moore, VIRGINIA 1968
  • Joseph Neuner, OKLAHOMA 1955
  • Duane Ray, MONTANA STATE 2000
  • David Rickards, BISHOP'S 1997
  • Bill Robinson, CAL. STATE-FRESNO 1972
  • J. Sam Roper, GEORGIA 1976
  • Ryan Wakefield, MONTANA and EMBRY-RIDDLE (DAYTONA BEACH) 2000
  • Brad Wimpy, ARKANSAS STATE 1999
  • Edward Winkler, MISSOURI S&T 1987