As we approach the summer 2014 season, Sigma Chi International Headquarters is looking for qualified brothers to serve as interns at the upcoming Balfour Leadership Training Workshop (LTW) and the Horizons leadership development program.
On Dec. 15, Headquarters will begin accepting applications for summer-long internships that will support Balfour LTW. Interns will join the Headquarters staff in June, and will stay on staff through the end of Balfour LTW in early August. Interns will have the opportunity to learn about the Fraternity’s operations and gain useful professional skills.
Each Balfour LTW intern will be housed near the Fraternity Headquarters in Evanston, Ill., and will be compensated with travel and meal stipends. Ideal candidates are brothers who demonstrate a deep personal commitment to the Fraternity; have excellent organizational abilities, as well as exemplary verbal and written skills; a team-oriented mentality; and the ability to meet deadlines. For more information, please visit the Sigma Chi Internship page at sigmachi.org/internships, or contact Leadership Programs Coordinator Matthew Coffin, DEPAUW 2013, at matthew.coffin@sigmachi.org.
In addition to the Balfour internship, Headquarters also hopes to take several interns for the Horizons program. Their primary responsibilities will be serving as logistical supports as members of Team Aspen during one of Horizons’ four sessions throughout June and July 2014, and acting as liaisons between the undergraduate participants and Headquarters staff. Interns will have the opportunity to directly impact the participants’ experience by sharing the lessons of their own Horizons experience.
Interns will also have the opportunity to serve on the Horizons Operating Board, directly guiding and improving the future of the program. This unique role will give interns exposure to Sigma Chi at the Fraternity’s international level, and gain insight into how one of Sigma Chi’s premiere programs is managed.
Interns must have attended Horizons within the past two years, must be a currently enrolled undergraduate and commit to serving for one full year. To find out more or apply for the Horizons Internship, visit sigmachi.org/horizons/internship. For more information, contact Leadership Programs Coordinator David Hackworthy, ST. THOMAS 2013, at david.hackworthy@sigmachi.org.