To begin the 2013 school year, all undergraduate chapters are required to deploy the Strategic Visioning Journey within 30 days of the start of classes on their campus.
Sigma Chi International Headquarters wants to ensure that each one of its 241 chapters gets a great start on its year-long strategic planning process, and the best way to do this is by starting the year by taking in the lessons of the Strategic Visioning Journey, which will assist chapters in setting and following through the goals that are necessary for conducting successful chapter operations.
The deployment of this Journey will continue the chapter planning session that officers experienced at the 2013 Balfour Leadership Training Workshop.
In order to certify a chapter for having undergone the Strategic Visioning Journey, Sigma Chi International Headquarters will need to receive confirmation from the Journey’s facilitator that the program was successfully conducted, along with completed online feedback surveys from the Journey’s undergraduate participants. Undergraduate chapters need to ensure that 90 percent of the chapter’s membership attends this Journey.
Anyone with questions regarding this process can please contact Jim Cogdal, BRADLEY 2003, director of leadership programs and alumni services, at (847) 869-3655, ext. 253, or jim.cogdal@sigmachi.org. Alternatively, they can correspond with Matt Coffin, DEPAUW 2013, leadership programs coordinator, at (847) 869-3655, ext. 251, or at matthew.coffin@sigmachi.org.