Sigma Chi’s undergraduate chapters have until Nov. 1, 2016, to host a Strategic Visioning Journey, where participants will set goals for the 2016 to 2017 school year. Chapters that do not host the retreat by the Nov. 1 deadline will be ineligible to win the 2017 Peterson Significant Chapter Award.
“The Strategic Visioning Journey is a vital opportunity for our undergraduates to align themselves at the start of the school year toward maximizing their chapter operations for the next 12 months,” says Jim Cogdal, BRADLEY 2003, senior director of membership development at Sigma Chi International Fraternity Headquarters.
The Strategic Visioning Journey reinforces the goals that the chapter’s officers crafted at Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. With the help of a capable alumnus facilitator, the chapter will utilize the Journey to craft a long-term vision for the chapter and create a road map to realize its aims.
Among other outcomes designed to improve buy-in among a chapter’s members, the Strategic Visioning Journey allows members to: complete a thorough analysis of their chapter’s current state; buy into and support the chapter’s vision; and identify major initiatives that members must implement to achieve the chapter’s long-term vision. The retreat culminates with the creation of a detailed action plan for each initiative, and sets one- three- and six-month timelines to help chapters ensure that their progress remains on-track.
“One of the most important parts of the goal-setting process is making sure you hold yourself accountable in regard to your progress,” says Cogdal. “Any chapter that utilizes the Strategic Visioning Journey the way it is meant to be used will go a long way toward ensuring that it remains on a positive path.”