The Fraternity is excited to announce its new program, Sigma Chi Lifeline. Developed with the Jed Foundation, the leader in the reduction of emotional distress and the prevention of suicides among college students, Sigma Chi Lifeline was developed in response to the growing risk of suicide among college students and to the tragic suicides that have taken the lives of four Sigma Chi undergraduates since 2012. Sigma Chi expects to roll out the program to the wider Fraternity on Dec. 1, 2013.
The purpose of Sigma Chi Lifeline is to serve as the first dedicated, Greek-letter resource center for brothers struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. Sigma Chi Lifeline will serve undergraduate and alumni brothers and help them gain assistance for themselves, their fellow brothers, and their friends and family members in understanding emotional health issues.
The objectives of Sigma Chi Lifeline are to:

Provide a resource for Sigma Chi members to understand and act on emotional health issues;

Increase education and awareness about mental health and suicide prevention;

Reduce the number of suicides among Sigma Chi’s brothers; and

Provide users a link to the local and institutional resources including, but not limited to, counselors, crisis centers and hospitals.
To learn more about Sigma Chi Lifeline, contact Jim Cogdal, BRADLEY 2003, director of leadership programs and alumni services, at jim.cogdal@sigmachi.org, or visit the Jed Foundation at jedfoundation.org.