At the 2012 Grand Council in Cleveland, Sigma Chi launched a new partnership with Foursquare, a social networking application that allows smartphone users to check in and share their location with their friends.


The application allows users to earn fictional points, mayorships for those who possess the most check-ins for a venue and badges that show the fun places the users have been. Previous badges include the barista badge for when a user checks into a Starbucks or the Foodie (Zagat) badge for when checking into a Zagat-rated restaurant.


Beginning on June 29, users who checked in to a Sigma Chi venue three times, or who will attend Balfour Leadership Training Workshop and use the hashtag #BalfourLTW, can earn the Sigma Chi Badge. To find out more about Foursquare, visit foursquare.com and follow Sigma Chi at foursquare.com/sigmachi.


Foursquare is an application designed to help a user keep up with friends by sharing their travels in the real world, while also receiving personalized recommendations and deals based on when the user, the user’s friends and people with similar tastes as the user have been. It also features a great search engine to browse popular categories, such as food and sights.