Since 1855, the Fraternity has grown from one chapter with seven members to 245 chapters with more than 248,000 members. Today, that spirit of expansion remains the same, as Sigma Chi has already added one colony in 2015, and plans to install a new chapter this month.
On Jan. 24, the Executive Committee approved the Declaration of Intent (DOI) that was submitted by the interest group at Ohio University, making theirs the Fraternity’s eighth colony in operation. Consul Patrick Goonan, 2017, says that taking the important first step toward becoming an installed chapter has inspired the members of his colony.
“Turning in our DOI was a huge a huge milestone for our members,” says Goonan. “We put at least 15 hours into discussing what we wanted the document to say and then writing it, and in the end, we were happy with the finished product.”
Goonan adds that he would advise others who wish to start colonies to keep the end-goal of their hard work in mind.
“All I can say is that sticking with the process and working hard paid off for us,” he says. “There will be so many experiences and memories that come of [your efforts]. All that time you spend working to form a colony will be totally worth it.”
Meanwhile, representatives of the Fraternity plan to install the colony at DePaul University on Feb. 14 as Sigma Chi’s 246th chapter. The Initiation of that chapter’s brothers will add 49 members to the Fraternity’s rolls.
To learn more about the Fraternity’s expansion program, or for more information about its upcoming installation at DePaul University, contact Nick Alvarez, FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL 2014, expansion coordinator at Sigma Chi International Fraternity Headquarters, at nick.alvarez@sigmachi.org.