In order to make the Ritual better understood and more widely available to all brothers interested in reading it, the Fraternity is instituting a loan program for Sigs to check out Ritual books. The effort is part of 69th Grand Consul Mike Ursillo’s, BROWN 1979, plan to ensure that those Sigma Chis who want to study the Ritual and gain a deeper understanding of its teachings are afforded the opportunity to do so.


The program aims to balance the Fraternity’s desire to better acquaint its membership with the teachings of the Ritual, against the security measures needed to ensure the secrecy characterizing those teachings remain intact. To that end, brothers checking out Ritual books must promise to safeguard it against loss or theft, and to return it to Headquarters by a predetermined time.


To request a Ritual book through the new loan program, contact Andrew Nepp, MINNESOTA 2015, leadership programs and data coordinator at Headquarters, via email.