Sigma Chi’s Mission 365 recruitment training program retreats have been taking place all over North America this fall, with 25 chapters and 1,107 undergraduate brothers having undergone a Mission 365 retreat thus far.
The relevance of Mission 365 was re-established at the 2013 Balfour Leadership Training Workshop in August, where it was found that the membership of 13 percent of surveyed chapters remained flat or declined. Additionally, feedback to the General Fraternity indicated that 15 percent of bids handed out last year by undergraduate chapters were never accepted.
While your chapter’s pledge program may have already begun, Mission 365 retreats stress a year-round recruiting approach and encourage the inclusion of pledges in the retreat. When making a request to host a Mission 365 retreat, please provide three dates on separate weekends during which the chapter could host the retreat. Please also note that normal retreats span a few hours on a Friday or Saturday night, and continue until mid-morning of the following day. Thanks to the continued generous support of the Sigma Chi Foundation, Mission 365 retreats are provided to chapters at no cost, as long as 90 percent of the chapter’s members are in attendance.
To learn more about Mission 365 or to request a Mission 365 retreat, please click here, or contact David Hackworthy, ST. THOMAS, leadership programs coordinator, at (847) 869-3655, ext. 224, or david.hackworthy@sigmachi.org.