After hearing her name announced as the 2015 to 2017 International Sweetheart, it didn’t take long for the tears to begin falling from Kelsey Maggard’s eyes.


“It’s hard to describe just what it means to be one of 34 women who have been chosen to represent Sigma Chi,” says Maggard. “Being an International Sweetheart finalist at Grand Chapter is the best kind of overwhelming experience.”


Maggard, who is the first International Sweetheart from Western Kentucky and the fifth from the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, says that it is a privilege to represent both institutions in her new role.


“The Sigs and Alpha Delta Pis at Western [Kentucky University] have been nothing but supportive of me, which has been a huge help,” she says.


For now, Maggard looks forward to furthering Sigma Chi’s involvement in the fight to eradicate cancer alongside the Huntsman Cancer Institute, to which Sigma Chi has pledged to make a $10 million donation by 2022.


“I want to help our brothers to meet that pledge, especially by getting more Sigma Chi chapters to donate to Huntsman,” she says. “The doctors there do amazing work, and I want to do my part to allow them to continue to change their patients’ lives for the better.”


To learn more about Maggard, read the story we wrote last week following her election.