In response to his $5 million donation to the Fraternity’s freshman and sophomore leadership development program, Sigma Chi has announced it will rename its Horizons program as the Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit in honor of Order of Constantine Sig and Significant Sig Jon M. Huntsman, PENNSYLVANIA 1959. Fraternity leaders joined Huntsman to make the announcement at a May 1, 2015, press conference at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City.


“The reasons for the name change are two-fold,” says David Hackworthy, ST. THOMAS 2012, the associate director of leadership programs at Sigma Chi International Fraternity Headquarters. “First, it allows Horizons graduates who earn the title of ‘Huntsman Leadership Scholar’ to leverage the Huntsman family name when speaking about their leadership experiences to future employers.”


The other reason for the change, says Hackworthy, is that “it solidifies the recognition of Horizons as more than just a one-week experience.


“The lessons that the Horizons program encompasses will reach not only those brothers who are accepted into the program, but all current and future brothers across North America,” he says.


In addition to the name change, Huntsman’s book Winners Never Cheat will become a staple of the program’s curriculum for all four of its 2015 sessions.


Huntsman’s gift will ensure that nearly 2,000 undergraduates are able to participate in the Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit program throughout the next decade at no cost to themselves. Since 2005, the Fraternity has endorsed the Huntsman Cancer Institute as its preferred philanthropy, and Sigma Chis have raised more than $2.3 million for research into the disease.

To learn more about the Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit, visit the Fraternity's website or contact Hackworthy at david.hackworthy@sigmachi.org.