At its most recent meeting on Sept. 12 to 13, 2014, in Houston, the Executive Committee (EC) voted to bestow new powers onto the International Fraternity’s Grand Praetors, including the ability to suspend members and chapters on an emergency basis.
The move was deemed necessary due to the Fraternity’s need to better align itself with modern practices in higher education. The EC believes that its officers need the additional abilities to more swiftly and adequately respond to potential situations involving undergraduate members and chapters. Once an emergency suspension is enacted under this new protocol, it is lined up for review as quickly as possible at the next meeting of the Chapter and Member Accountability Committee, as well as the next meeting of the EC.
“Under the EC’s former model, we needed to convene an entire subcommittee to review the situation and submit a recommendation regarding suspension to the EC, which then had to convene separately and render a decision,” says Sigma Chi International Fraternity’s executive director Mike Church, ILLINOIS 2005. “This change will definitely allow the organization to be more expeditious in handling matters of extreme importance that must be reviewed quickly.”