As the Fraternity’s Crossroads committee continues to work diligently in readying the program for its Alpha testing phase, it has also made exciting developments to the program’s curriculum that will broaden its scope beyond that of the effects of drug and alcohol use and abuse.
One of Crossroads’ key components is its ability to facilitate difficult conversations in the form of honest dialogues that are designed to confront challenging issues with courage and compassion. Crossroads will provide a simple yet effective model to hold a difficult conversation and will include hands-on exercises to assist brothers in learning this important skill.
Holding a difficult conversation is a means of showing true brotherhood through the ability to express care for a brother, family member or friend by addressing concerns and establishing a plan to move forward in a positive manner. The “difficult conversations” model outlined by Crossroads is a tool whose usefulness extends beyond the chapter house and into the classroom, boardroom and family room — a skill that will help brothers benefit their immediate and future communities.
If you have any questions about the Crossroads curriculum, or if you are an alumnus and want to get involved, contact Leadership Programs Coordinator David Hackworthy, ST. THOMAS 2012, at david.hackworthy@sigmachi.org.