The Executive Committee (EC) of the Sigma Chi International Fraternity has voted to immediately suspend the organization’s James Madison University chapter for an indefinite time period. The EC suspended the chapter due to reports of hazing, violations of the Fraternity’s statement of policy on alcohol and drugs and the lack of appropriate risk management protocols within the chapter. The actions of those within the chapter are intolerable and are inconsistent with the Fraternity’s values.
Those within the chapter were moved to alumni status, which means they will be unable to participate in undergraduate chapter activities of any kind for the duration of their college careers.
 “Sigma Chi will not tolerate hazing or any other actions that put an individual in harm’s way. Unfortunately, that is what the James Madison chapter did through repeated policy violations,” says Sigma Chi’s international president, Mike Ursillo, BROWN 1978. “These actions are at odds with the belief system and values of our international organization, which are based on our Ritual. Thus, we find it necessary to hold the chapter members accountable for their actions, which unfortunately means we must suspend the chapter.”
The Fraternity will continue to work with university officials, with the future goal of establishing a chapter on campus that is made up of values-driven members. This will only happen after all of the men who were associated with the suspended chapter have graduated and left James Madison University.
Sigma Chi is one of the largest collegiate fraternities with undergraduate chapters at 241 universities and colleges and more than 240,000 alumni members. Sigma Chi provides a welcoming environment for young men of different temperaments, talents and convictions to enjoy a unique lifelong bond that extends far beyond college. Through world-class leadership training, extensive mentoring programs, and a strong focus on academic achievement, Sigma Chi sets itself apart as the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization, challenging its members to live by its core values and exemplify character-in-action™ in every aspect of their lives, and the lives of others.