As news spreads of the early morning passing of 62nd Grand Consul, Order of Constantine Sig and Significant Sig Doug Carlson, MINNESOTA 1973, those who were closest to him are left with memories of how he impacted their lives. Carlson died after a battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 65. Grand Tribune and Order of Constantine Sig Mark Quiner, WYOMING 1978, says he visited Carlson two weeks ago at Our Lady of Peace, a hospice residence in St. Paul, Minnesota, and he thanked Carlson for his mentorship and brotherhood.
“I told him I don’t think I would be Grand Tribune if it wasn’t for him,” Quiner says, explaining that Carlson taught him about leadership driven by his values. Quiner says that what he saw in Carlson was how he lived in a powerful, authentic manner, and that Carlson inspired him to do the same.
Similarly, Fraternity Executive Director Mike Church, ILLINOIS 2005, says that Carlson has impacted him on his personal journey. “When I asked Doug why he chose to invest so much of himself in helping me on my journey to becoming a better Sigma Chi and a better man, he simply said, ‘You showed great promise and I believed in you.’ I think that summarizes Doug more than anything else,” Church says. “He believed in Sigma Chi and he believed that our lives could be immeasurably impacted if we truly invested ourselves in developing friendships among and between men of common purpose that are rich and complex in character.”
One of Carlson’s wishes was to have a White Rose Ceremony within a religious service at House of Hope Presbyterian Church in St. Paul. Details will follow as they are made available.