As Sigma Chis and staff members at the Fraternity's International Headquarters in Evanston, Ill., mourn the sudden passing of Executive Director and Order of Constantine Sig Michael H. Dunn, UTAH STATE 1976, they are reminded of the impact that he had on a countless number of people. As the executive director of Headquarters for nearly six years, he was a mentor to staff members and undergraduates, and in some cases like their second dad; and he was a brother and friend to those with whom he volunteered as the Fraternity's Grand Quaestor, or international treasurer, and Grand Praetor, or regional director. He also postively touched the lives of many of those in the interfraternal world.
Headquarters staffers, Dunn's family and all Sigma Chis are grateful for the outpouring of support and love that individuals have shown during this difficult time.
Funeral services will be held this Saturday in Boise, Idaho.