New members of the Executive Committee of Sigma Chi International Fraternity were elected June 25 during the 83rd Grand Chapter held in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Executive Committee is the governing body of Sigma Chi whose members serve two-year terms except for the undergraduate representatives, who each serve one year.

New Executive Committee members are:

Grand Consul: Order of Constantine Sig Tim Sanderson, WESTERN 1985

Immediate Past Grand Consul: Steve Schuyler, ARIZONA 1979

Grand Pro Consul: Order of Constantine Sig Bob Wilson, FORT HAYS 1981

Grand Quaestor: Order of Constantine Sig Ryan Temby, RUTGERS 1990

Alumnus Member-at-Large: Order of Constantine Sig Dan Shaver, TEXAS TECH 1993

Grand Trustee Representative: Rick Lewandowski, RIPON 1975

Grand Praetor Representatives: Asher Kalef, CAL. STATE-SAN BERNARDINO 2011, and Order of Constantine Sig Steve Kotz, ROCHESTER 1981

Undergraduate Representatives: Mason Hill, TROY 2022, and Austin Lewis, LOUISIANA STATE 2022

International Balfour Award Recipients: Andrew McMahon, BIRMINGHAM-SOUTHERN 2019 and Samuel Romes, LOUISVILLE 2020

In addition to the Executive Committee elections, Order of Constantine Sigs Jim Holcomb, CAL. STATE-SACRAMENTO 1994, and Dr. Michael Codina, CALIFORNIA-SAN DIEGO 1993, were elected to the offices of Grand Tribune and Grand Historian, respectively.