Tom Samulski, BRADLEY 1988, was initiated into the Fraternity on Feb. 23, 1985. As an undergraduate, and especially as a new initiate, he was captivated by the Spirit of Sigma Chi and helped his chapter win its first Peterson Significant Chapter Award in a decade in 1985. He held the positions of risk manager, Annotator, Consul and Magister thereafter. He graduated from Bradley University with a mechanical engineering degree in 1988.
Upon graduation, Samulski parlayed his undergraduate Fraternity experiences into becoming a board member of his chapter’s house corporation and ultimately served as its president. During his tenure, Samulski led the board’s maintenance and renovation efforts of the chapter’s then 100-year-old chapter house. He also lent his services to the house corporation’s capital campaign efforts that culminated in it building and opening a new chapter house in conjunction with Bradley University in 2007.
Samulski began volunteering with the International Fraternity as a Grand Trustee in the Tennessee/Kentucky region when his family moved to the Nashville, Tennessee, area in 2011. He has served as a Balfour Leadership Training Workshop facilitator, and as treasurer for the Board of Grand Trustees from 2013 to 2017. His desire to maintain Sigma Chi’s status among the best collegiate fraternities in North America led to his taking a position on the Chapter and Membership Accountability Committee (CAMAC), and participating in membership reviews across the country. Samulski was inducted into the Fraternity’s Order of Constantine in 2015.
His partner and wife for nearly 25 years, Rhonda, has been a catalyst for his success within Sigma Chi. Her warmth and love nourishes their family covenant, as they share the responsibility of raising their two sons, Jacob and Ryan.