Required actions for the rehabilitation of a suspended chapter

Required Actions for the Rehabilitation of a Suspended Chapter

This policy applies to the reinstatement of a charter at a college or university where initiates of the suspended chapter continue to be enrolled as undergraduate students at the time of the proposed return of the charter to the chapter. 

In order to be eligible for reinstatement, a chapter shall demonstrate compliance with the following requirements:

  1. Initiated undergraduates who desire to return to active status and who are still enrolled at the host institution, shall provide to the Headquarters Accountability Team a roster of members desiring to return good chapter standing; the members proposing to return shall reconcile any differences between its list and that of the International Fraternity.   
  2. Initiated members of the chapter who remain students at the host institution at the time of the proposed return of the chapter’s charter must undergo a complete review, as prescribed by the Chapter and Member Accountability Committee (CAMAC).  At its discretion, the CAMAC review is subject review and approval by the EC.  Only initiated members cleared for reinstatement will be eligible to return to active status.  CAMAC may require a similar review process for hold over pledges who are proposed to be initiated in connection with or shortly after the reinstatement.  The International Fraternity will conduct the review process as expeditiously as possible. 
  3. CAMAC shall develop an appropriate rehabilitation plan and proposed timetable for the return of the chapter following the review.   This plan is subject to review by the EC at its discretion.  The chapter and its charter will remain on suspension until the EC authorizes the return of the chapter.
  4. The host institution will be kept apprised of these activities, if appropriate.  The host institution will be provided a roster of members proposed for return, after the roster is reconciled and the CAMAC review process described above is completed and approved.
  1. The chapter must comply in full with any requirements established by the host institution with respect to its return to good standing.
  2. The chapter must pay all financial obligations associated with its return to good standing, and pay any past due balance that may be owed to the General Fraternity prior to being reinstated.
  3. Prior to the charter being reinstated, the General Fraternity and host institution, and or IFC, as appropriate, will work collaboratively to ensure a smooth transition for the chapter into the campus community.  
  4. At the discretion of the EC, the chapter may be allowed to initiate its prior, hold-over pledges under the direct supervision of its Grand Praetor.
  5. The steps in this policy shall be planned and implemented in coordination and consultation with the administration of the host institution.
  6. The EC may establish conditions as to whether the chapter house should be alcohol free, and if so, for what period of time.
  7. The chapter shall be responsible for all costs associated CAMAC or Grand Praetor-directed visits for supervision purposes.
  8. The chapter will review its current constitution and bylaws, and make any changes necessary assure that they are consistent with current Sigma Chi International Fraternity, RMF, host institution, and Interfraternity Council policies and procedures.  Copies shall be provided to the Chapter Advisor(s), Grand Praetor, Regional Chapter Support Coordinator and Accountability Team at Headquarters.
  9. The chapter must schedule a workshop with its alumni advisory committee and Grand Praetor to create a comprehensive social function and risk management policy that complies with Sigma Chi International Fraternity and host institution policies. This plan will also include a process to address conflict management and resolution.

Approved by the Executive Committee on Sept. 14, 2021