Rehabilitation of a Suspended Chapter

Policy for the Rehabilitation of a Suspended Chapter


Applicable to those suspended chapters with undergraduate members who remain on the host campus at the time of the proposed rehabilitation, and only if the host institution gives in writing an authorization for the suspended chapter to return to campus.

  1. The members of the chapter at the time of its suspension must undergo a strenuous and complete member review supervised by the Grand Praetor with subsequent review and action by the CAMAC (Chapter and Member Accountability Committee) and the full Executive Committee as necessary or required, including the expulsion of members found culpable. The CAMAC and the EC act expeditiously upon the recommendations of the review board. The host institution is to be kept apprised of this activity.
  2. Upon the conclusion of the member review (and the 45 day suspension already having been exceeded), the chapter can then be returned to Type D Show Cause status for a period of at least one year, with quarterly reports due the CAMAC based on the Part II Reorganization Requirements, and thereafter be subject to further probationary statuses as determined by CAMAC and the Executive Committee.
  3. The chapter must comply in full with the host institution’s requirements with respect to their return to campus.
  4. At the discretion of the EC, the chapter may be allowed to initiate its prior pledges under the direct supervision of its Grand Praetor.
  5. That the above be performed in coordination and consultation with the administration of the host institution.
  6. That, prior to the public announcement of this change, the Fraternity and the host institution coordinate a joint press release after private consultation and agreement with the appropriate steps and dates of mutual compliance with standards and the requirements of both entities (the host institution and the Fraternity via its Executive Committee)
  7. The chapter, once restored to probationary status, would not be able to recruit new members until these requirements are satisfied.
  8. That, without a waiver granted by the Executive Committee, the chapter house and its grounds be alcohol free.
  9. That the chapter be responsible for any and all costs of CAMAC or Praetor-directed visits for supervision purposes.
  10. That the chapter be placed under the direct guidance of an Alumni Advisory Committee which will be responsible to the host institution and the Fraternity through its CAMAC and Executive Committee. That the Grand Praetor appoints the Alumni Advisory Committee in consultation with CAMAC.