Larry Cukjati

Pittsburg State 1974

Regional Chapter Support Coordinator, Region 4
(847) 425-4434

About Larry

Larry was initiated into the Fraternity’s undergraduate chapter at Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas, in 1971. His professional career was in marketing communications and retail development/management in agency, corporate and private company environments. His Fraternity experience includes stints as a chapter advisor, house corporation president and Kansas province Grand Praetor, or regional governor. He relocated from Kansas City, Kansas, to central Florida in 2016 and accepted the regional chapter coordinator position as a way to give back to Sigma Chi for the life experience, friendship and guidance the Fraternity has provided to him.

Job Description

As a regional chapter support coordinator, Larry works within the Fraternity’s undergraduate services department to provide guidance to its undergraduate chapter and volunteer advisors in fulfilling the goals in their strategic plans. Serving as an ambassador for Sigma Chi, he works closely with the Fraternity’s Grand Praetors, or regional governors, and chapter advisors to assist the undergraduate leadership with various aspects of their chapter’s operations and facilitates relationships between the chapters and university partners. Larry oversees region 4 which includes undergraduate chapters in the Alabama Northern, Alabama Gulf Coast, South Florida, Florida Sun Coast, Central Florida, North Florida, South Georgia and North Georgia provinces.

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