A project launched by a group of friends, including Alex Lindley, MISSOURI-COLUMBIA 2015, to honor the memory of two friends who succumbed to suicide, will finally have its world premiere. Wake Up: Stories From the Frontlines of Suicide Prevention will make its debut at 6:45 p.m. EST on June 4 as part of We Are One: A Global Film Festival presented by YouTube and Tribeca Enterprises.  The film festival features 20 of the world's most prestigious film festivals. Viewers can watch the festival at youtube.com/weareone.


Directed by Nate Townsend and executive produced by Lindley, Wake Up includes the story of Keller Zibilich, LOUISIANA STATE 2015, and the efforts of his parents, Gayle and Michael Zibilich, LOUISIANA STATE 1970,  to help Sigma Chi erase the stigma behind mental health.


Along with the Zibilich family's journey, the film tackles three additional stories from the frontlines of suicide prevention — those of American veterans, the LGBT community and gun owners — by weaving them all together into one call to action.


A full-length feature story highlighting the Project Wake Up organization, its work to erase the stigmas surrounding mental health issues and suicide prevention and the Wake Up documentary will be featured in the summer issue of The Magazine of Sigma Chi.