The virtual Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop (TLW) kicked off on Saturday, July 25, to more than 1,600 registered undergraduate officers across the Sigma Chi International Fraternity.  


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sigma Chi International Fraternity announced on April 30 that it would pivot its annual Krach TLW experience to a virtual forum on the Canvas learning management system. In a little more than two months, Team Krach, the Fraternity’s operating board for workshop, put together a two-week online immersion dedicated to officer training for Consuls, Pro Consuls, Quaestors, Magisters, Kustosesrecruitment chairmen and risk managers. 


To go along with delivering consistent COVID-19 health and safety protocols for each officer division, more than 200 facilitators have guided and directed individual officers through their roles and responsibilities for the upcoming academic year. 


Following the first week of officer training, undergraduates and alumni faculty reported having a high level of interaction and engagement with one another.  Beginning on July 25, each undergraduate was assigned the initial officer training elearning module on Canvas. Following completion of that module, they would then join an assigned small-group Zoom video meeting led by two faculty members. Each undergraduate will complete four online modules in total and attend four corresponding Zoom sessions with their small groups over the course of two weeks. 


While the learning is in full swing, so is the messaging of hope and inspiration from the General Fraternity. Seventy-first Grand Consul Steve Schuyler, ARIZONA 1979, recorded his Grand Consul’s address in interview format with Teach Krach chairman and Order of Constantine Sig Jeff Twibell, CALIFORNIA-DAVIS 1999, while other Grand Officers, Fraternity and Foundation staff members, and Huntsman Cancer Institute representatives have recorded video messages that will be shared with participants throughout the event. 


There also will be an awards presentation event recorded and live-streamed on Facebook Saturday at 7 p.m. (Central) to announce the winners of the 2020 Peterson Significant Chapter Award and to conclude the virtual Krach TLW experience. 


Following the completion of the event, Sigma Chi will offer virtual strategic planning opportunities for chapters to deploy on the Zoom platform to replace in-person chapter planning that has traditionally been hosted in-person at Krach TLW.  


As Sigma Chi’s host institutions begin their academic years in person and online, the Fraternity continues to put its members first by offering education and learning designed to accommodate the ever-changing requirements of the pandemic because the world expects more of our organization during times of great challenge.