Sigma Chi Membership Commitment Statement

In this time before your formal pledging begins, the Fraternity desires to ensure that you fully understand the nature of our values and the deep and binding nature of our commitment to friendship, justice and learning.


  • Membership in Sigma Chi is a lifelong commitment. You can be expelled for reason; you cannot resign.


  • The Ritual of the Fraternity is secret, but it has equal force and validity with the Fraternity Constitution, a non-secret document. Although the Ritual is secret, the commitments of the Fraternity to its initiates and of the initiates to Sigma Chi are so deep and binding that Sigma Chi believes that every man proposed for membership should have a real understanding of the nature and scope of these commitments, so that no man shall enter into his lifelong relationship unknowingly or with reservations. To bring about such understanding and acceptance is the purpose of this dialogue on the principles and requirements of Sigma Chi.


  • The Badge of Sigma Chi reflects the Christian faith of the Founders. The White Cross is the Badge of a college fraternity; not the symbol of a religious order.


  • If you are to wear the Badge of Sigma Chi, you must be prepared for and welcome the natural assumption of the world at large—that Sigma Chi has spiritual (Christian) foundations. That assumption is and will be valid.


  • Sigma Chi draws reverently upon Judeo-Christian ideals. These teachings were implicit in the minds of the men who founded Sigma Chi. Our principles and commitments are set within this framework. Do you find any conflict between your own personal convictions and Sigma Chi which is a lifelong commitment?


  • During your pledgeship, you will be asked if you believe in the existence of an ever-living God, the Creator and Preserver of all things. Your answer to this question must be an unqualified “yes.” There will be no future opportunity for discussion. What will be your answer to this question?


  • During your pledgeship, you will also be asked if you belong to any other secret college fraternity of a similar character to Sigma Chi. What will be your answer to this question?


  • During progress toward becoming a Sigma Chi you will be charged to conduct yourself throughout life as a man of honor and a gentleman; a warm, trusted and dependable friend, with deep respect for the needs of your brothers and the interests of all in the preservation of the fraternal bonds and the reputation of the Fraternity; to maintain the secrecy of the Ritual and to obey the laws of the Fraternity and your chapter; to perpetuate the interests of the Fraternity and your brothers in all honorable ways; and to realize a responsibility to not only your own chapter brothers, but to all Sigma Chis. Will you be able to bind yourself to such an obligation?