Informational webinar to take place June 16

From the inaugural session of the Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit in 1999 through the unveiling of Sigma Chi Online, Sigma Chi has been a Greek-letter organizational leader in educational outreach for its members.


The Fraternity reached another milestone on May 26 when the Illinois Board of Higher Education’s Private Business and Vocational Schools Division approved the Sigma Chi Leadership Institute’s (SCLI) application to become an officially licensed educational institution. The move makes Sigma Chi the first Greek-letter organization to have its own licensed educational institution.


“This provides us a unique value differentiator that separates Sigma Chi from the rest,” says 71st Grand Consul Steven Schuyler, ARIZONA 1979. “This is an example of Sigma Chi’s continued thought leadership and a demonstration of progressive thinking on which only Sigma Chi can execute. This achievement came years ahead of our initial schedule and months ahead of our latest expectations.”


As part of the initial approval, five certificates have been approved for SCLI deployment to Sigma Chi members beginning as early as this fall: Certificate of Transformational Leadership (the overall certificate), Certificate of Foundational Leadership, Certificate of Authentic Leadership, Certificate of Values-Based Leadership and Certificate of Distance Leadership.


More information on this accreditation, certificates, coursework and their impact on undergraduate brothers’ transcripts will be released to alumni and undergraduate membership over the coming months. There will be an initial webinar on June 16 for undergraduate members and alumni volunteer leaders, and it will be hosted by 68th Grand Consul and SCLI Chairman Michael Greenberg, ILLINOIS WESLEYAN 1982, and SCLI Executive Director Jim Cogdal, BRADLEY 2003.


“There are so many individuals to thank who deserve credit for this milestone moment — the list of which must deservedly start with brothers Greenberg and Cogdal,” says Schuyler. “The board and staff of SCLI have done incredible work to see this to fruition. Many other volunteers and staff members have contributed endlessly, along with the thousands of donors who have contributed to the Sigma Chi Foundation. And our consultant team from Cyanna Education Services continues to provide stellar guidance and expertise.


“I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the members of the Executive Committee of the past few bienniums, with special appreciation to our 70th Grand Consul Tommy Geddings, SOUTH CAROLINA 1985, under whose leadership this effort began, and our Executive Director, Michael Church, ILLINOIS 2005. And, finally, (thank you to) our Foundation Board of Governors, whose appreciation of this vision inspired them to increase grant funding to a new level and make our work possible. There are so many others alongside those listed here, and to all of those is also due credit.”


For more information on the Sigma Chi Leadership Institute and future updates, visit sigmachi.org/scli.