The Sigma Chi International Fraternity’s statement of policy on human decency and dignity remains as true today as when the organization adopted it: “Sigma Chi teaches and is committed to the principle that dignity, self-esteem and respect are the inalienable rights of every individual. … A Sigma Chi brother respects another individual’s rights, just as he would wish his own to be respected.”

We stand committed to our seven values, which include integrity, courtesy and self-control, today more than ever before. Our members are expected to live our Sigma Chi Creed and conduct themselves in a way that brings honor to our Fraternity. We strongly condemn all acts of hate, bigotry, racism and violence, and encourage each of our members to maintain a deep understanding of diversity, inclusion and acceptance on our campuses and within the communities in which they live.

Our hearts mourn the loss of George Floyd and there are strong arms around any of our brothers who have ever faced injustice and adversity because of their national origin, religion, sexual orientation or race.