Sigma Chi is issuing a call for volunteers. The 2014 Balfour Leadership Training Workshop will be at Ball State University from July 31 through Aug. 2, and Sigma Chi’s plans to improve the structure of this workshop will call for a greater number of alumni volunteers than in the past. If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, or know someone who should be considered, please contact leadership programs coordinator Matt Coffin, DEPAUW 2013, at matthew.coffin@sigmachi.org for more information.
Sigma Chi will also need new volunteers to accommodate the greater need for facilitators as a result of the expansion of Journey and other leadership programs. The Fraternity’s alumni facilitation training track is a great way for new alumni to get started. If you would like to be trained, or know of someone who would make a good facilitator, please contact alumni and volunteer services coordinator Lucas Peralta, NEW MEXICO 2012, at lucas.peralta@sigmachi.org.
As always, you can call Sigma Chi International Headquarters at (847) 869-3655 for more information about leadership programs or volunteer opportunities.