Beginning this fall, the Fraternity will unveil an initiative that will allow its undergraduates greater access to its educational materials than ever before. Called Sigma Chi U, the platform will offer a web-based delivery of the Fraternity’s chapter and member development programs to help undergraduates improve their operations, education and overall Fraternity experience.


Up until now, the Fraternity has relied on locally-based trained facilitators to run its undergraduate workshops, some of which focus on enhancing leadership development, officer training, hazing prevention, sexual misconduct prevention, alcohol and drug education and mental health awareness. As currently constructed, each program is deployed to about 60 Sigma Chi chapters each academic year, meaning that more than two-thirds of the Fraternity’s undergraduate chapters either cannot or do not host them. In partnership with learning management system provider Saba Cloud, Sigma Chi U will allow the Fraternity’s leadership programming to reach each of Sigma Chi’s nearly 16,000 undergraduates during their four-year college experience.


“Sigma Chi U will revolutionize the Fraternity’s chapter outreach programs by allowing us to communicate these programs’ lessons to more undergraduates than ever before,“ says Chris Brooks, COLLEGE OF IDAHO 2006, learning management system administrator at Sigma Chi International Fraternity Headquarters.


While Sigma Chi’s in-person workshops remain a staple of the Fraternity’s success, a complete learning experience delivered via the Web could mean more engaged members in interactive pre- and post-session learning tied to a workshop. Currently, these opportunities are not offered because of the lack of viable technological resources.


More information will become available in the coming months regarding the first programs offered on Sigma Chi U. If your chapter is interested in participating in the program’s alpha test phase, beginning by June 1, please email your interest to Jim Cogdal, BRADLEY 2003, senior director of membership development at Sigma Chi International Fraternity Headquarters.