Each year, the Fraternity’s undergraduate membership turns over by the thousands as brothers earn their degrees and graduate, while others who are fresh out of high school enroll in college and discover Sigma Chi through the recruiting process. In a similar vein, Sigma Chi’s list of undergraduate chapters has gone through recent changes, with two new chapters being installed, one being shut down, and three new colonies taking root.


The new chapters are those at Hobart College in Geneva, N.Y., and Ohio University in Athens, Ohio; the closed chapter is the one formerly at the University of South Carolina; and the new colonies are at Binghamton (N.Y.) University, St. Louis University, and Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The latter represents the Fraternity’s effort to return to the site of its founding in 1855; the Miami (Ohio) chapter has been shuttered since 2012.


As of April 18, the Fraternity’s membership includes 16,981 undergraduates belonging to 243 chapters; 228,301 alumni members and 115 alumni chapters; and 327,923 all-time initiates. In total, there are 245,282 living Sigma Chis located across the globe.


For more information about Sigma Chi’s expansion or chapter support teams, contact Order of Constantine Sig Bill Scott, ARIZONA 1980, senior director of undergraduate services at Headquarters, at (847) 869-3655, ext. 267.