Though the Preparation for Brotherhood pledging program aspires to bring the Fraternity’s new member education under a single umbrella, Sigma Chi’s leaders also recognize the importance of chapters retaining the right to observe and participate in the traditions that they have cultivated over the years that are consistent with Sigma Chi’s values.


In order to accommodate such activities, 69th Grand Consul Michael Ursillo, BROWN 1978, has convened a six-person panel of reviewers — consisting of four alumni and two undergraduates — who will evaluate chapters’ requests to partake in such activities. In order for their submissions to be considered for the 2016 to 2017 school year, undergraduate chapters must submit their activities to the review committee by July 1. Headquarters emailed the activity submission template to the Fraternity's Consuls, Magisters, chapter advisors and Grand Praetors last month.


“When submitting a local activity for approval, please consider the following questions: Does the activity reflect Sigma Chi’s core values?” says Preparation for Brotherhood committee vice chairman and Order of Constantine Sig Mark Galbo, SAN JOSE STATE 1982, in a May 13, 2016, letter to the Fraternity’s members. “Is the activity’s learning outcome necessary for a pledge to understand our Ritual? Does the activity have to occur during the chapter’s [Preparation for Brotherhood] pledgeship? And can the activity be replicated at all of our chapters?


“With this new program, Sigma Chi is actively making a move to lead the way when it comes to preparation of our future members,” continues Galbo in his letter. “We cannot wait to see what you have to offer as partners in building this program.”


For more information about the Preparation for Brotherhood local activity review committee, and to submit activities for review, send an email to leadership.programs@sigmachi.org to the attention of Jim Cogdal, BRADLEY 2003, senior director of membership development at Sigma Chi International Fraternity Headquarters, with the subject line “Preparation for Brotherhood – Local Activity Submission.”