This fall, each of Sigma Chi’s undergraduate chapters are required to undergo the Strategic Visioning Journey module by Nov. 1 to remain in good standing with the Fraternity’s International Headquarters. To do so, they require willing and able alumni to act as facilitators as they work to develop chapter goals and improve their practices.


“The Strategic Visioning Journey provides an invaluable opportunity for Sigma Chi’s undergraduates to work together at the start of the school year to create a plan that will allow them to achieve their goals,” says Matthew Coffin, DEPAUW 2013, director of leadership programs at Headquarters. “Buying into a common vision is one of the most important steps a chapter’s brothers can take, and if its participants do so, the Strategic Visioning Journey has the ability to launch a chapter into the school year on the right foot.”


For more information about the Strategic Visioning Journey and how to become a facilitator, see the program’s page on sigmachi.org, or contact Coffin via email.