In December, the Sigma Chi Foundation released its 2014 annual report, summarizing the organization’s largest projects and accomplishments of the year. Foremost among them was its funding of the Fraternity's two newest support programs: the Sigma Chi Crossroads alcohol and drug education program, and the Sigma Chi Lifeline online mental health resource and suicide prevention center.
To that end, the Foundation funded the Crossroads and Lifeline programs in 2014 to the tune of $80,000 and $33,900, respectively, for a total of $113,900. That represents roughly 9.67 percent of the Foundation's $1.18 million budget for Sigma Chi's undergraduate chapter and member support programs. According to its 2013 annual report, the Foundation provided $55,000 that year to the now-deactivated Choices alcohol and drug education program, which Crossroads and Lifeline replaced.
“The implementation of the [Sigma Chi Crossroads and Sigma Chi Lifeline programs], the addition of a Journey chapter retreat highlighting the issues of sexual misconduct and the unveiling of the Jordan Initiative to promote anti-hazing behavior help teach our young brothers to take responsibility for their actions, facilitate difficult conversations when necessary, influence positive behavior and, if needed, find professional help and counseling,” writes Significant Sig Tim Michael, OHIO STATE 1970, chairman of the Sigma Chi Foundation, in the report.
“As the Sigma Chi Creed, so eloquently composed by [14th Grand Consul] George Ade, PURDUE 1887, challenges us, your Sigma Chi Foundation has always strived to be a credit to our Fraternity,” continues Michael. “This is possible thanks to your continued generosity. I am proud of the work that you are helping us advance.”
Visit the Sigma Chi Foundation’s website to view the full 2014 annual report.