At the 2014 Balfour Leadership Training Workshop, six chapters earned the Legion of Honor Award for having commendable scholarship programs, and another earned the Daniel William Cooper Award for having the Fraternity’s most outstanding scholarship program. All told, the three chapters with the best programs walked away with a collective $10,000 to be used in continuing to improve their scholarship efforts.
The Legion of Honor Award winners include the chapters at the University of Louisville, the University of Tennessee-Martin, McGill University, Princeton University, Jacksonville University, and the University of Memphis. Meanwhile, the chapter at North Dakota State University earned the Daniel William Cooper Award for delivering Sigma Chi’s top scholarship program.
In addition to the distinction of being recognized, the Jacksonville, Memphis and North Dakota State chapters earned grants of $2,000, $3,000 and $5,000 from the Sigma Chi Foundation for winning the top-two Legion of Honor Awards and the Daniel William Cooper Award, respectively. The chapters can use the winnings to purchase computer equipment, create chapter scholarships or otherwise promote the chapters’ leadership or educational programming.