Each quarter, the Fraternity honors one of its brothers with the Mark V. Anderson Character-in-Action™ Leadership Award. Endowed in perpetuity by a grant from the Krach Family Foundation and featured in each issue of The Magazine of Sigma Chi, the award recognizes a member who displays good character and leads through integrity by donating his time and energy to a worthy cause.
The application deadline operates on a rolling basis; however, nominees must be Sigma Chis, and recognition should be for an action or a deed — rather than for a monetary donation — that leads to the betterment or support of the community, not the advancement of the Fraternity.
Recent winners include Arthur Plitt, ST. LAWRENCE 1962, who was recognized in the fall 2013 Magazine issue for his work with The Neighborhood Alliance, an organization that works to stem crime and help citizens of Pawtucket, R.I., meet seasonal clothing needs through its Warm Hearts Buy Nothing Coats Day; and Fritz Damm, MICHIGAN 1964, pictured above at center, was featured in the winter 2013 issue for his work to help found and support Crossroads of Michigan, a social welfare organization that provides financial assistance, job placement counseling and a variety of other services to underserved citizens of Detroit.
To nominate a brother, send an email to character@sigmachi.org that includes his name, undergraduate university and graduation year, and includes answers to the following questions:

What is the community service for which the brother is being nominated?

How and why did he begin such volunteer work?

How long has he been involved in these activities?

What percentage of the work was completed on a volunteer basis?

How would you describe the nominee to others? What key traits does he possess that make him a man of good character?

For how long have you known the brother?
Visit the Mark V. Anderson Character-in-Action™ Leadership Award page for further information.