Delegates to this summer’s Grand Chapter in San Diego will consider changes to the International Fraternity’s policies regarding such topics as the Leadership Training Board (LTB) and the makeup of the Board of Grand Trustees.


The measure regarding the LTB would rename it as the Education and Leadership Board, to better reflect its modern role. Endorsed by the Executive Committee and the LTB, the change would amend the Statutes and Executive Committee Regulations to reflect the organization’s proposed new name, while leaving unchanged the mechanics of its operation or the makeup of its officers. To be adopted, the measure needs to pass a majority vote at the time of its proposal.


The proposed change regarding the Board of Grand Trustees would change a Grand Trustee’s term from six years to four, and would assign each Grand Trustee to one “region” of North America, of which there would be nine. Because this measure would amend the Fraternity’s Constitution, it will need to attract a three-fourths majority in order to pass.


For questions regarding the proposed changes or voting process, contact Mike Church, ILLINOIS 2005, executive director at Headquarters.