The Executive Committee added its newest member on Feb. 7 with the appointment of Order of Constantine Sig P.J. Stephens, WASHINGTON (ST. LOUIS) 1971, as its new Grand Praetor representative. Stephens replaces outgoing representative and Order of Constantine Sig Dan Mathewson, PUGET SOUND 1986, who resigned to take on a role as director of accountability and chapter accounts at Sigma Chi International Fraternity Headquarters.
“I’m excited to take on this role as a servant to the rest of the Praetorial College,” said Stephens. “I look forward to doing my best to represent the college faithfully and vigorously.”
Stephens adds that he hopes his fellow Grand Praetors will see him as an ally for their interests.
“As a member of the Executive Committee, I’ll have a far broader reach [than I had previously] in dealing with Fraternity affairs,” he says, “which is another way of saying that the college will, as well.”
Stephens will serve in his new role for the remainder of Mathewson’s original appointment, which ends when the Fraternity elects a new Executive Committee at the June 25 to 27 Grand Chapter meeting in San Diego.