MONOPOLY Fever Takes Over Sigma Chi Headquarters

The shipment rushed into Sigma Chi International Headquarters like it was on a sleigh led by eight reindeer Thursday, Dec. 6, in Evanston, Ill. The very special parcel the delivery truck was carrying that day was a collectible that no doubt will be coveted by all Sigma Chis across the globe this holiday season — MONOPOLY®: Sigma Chi Limited Edition.
Ushered into Headquarters by Sigma Chi staffers — elves for the day — it took a little more than 24 hours before the excitement overwhelmed Headquarters and staffers unwrapped the first box to begin the inaugural Sigma Chi MONOPOLY® Challenge in the Fred Millis Library.
With holiday music jamming in the background by a special disc jockey — who also doubled as the game’s rules committee — Director of Undergraduate Services and Special Projects Kent Shackelford, VIRGINIA TECH 2009, Online Specialist James Jones, NORTH FLORIDA 2009; Leadership Programs Coordinator Scott Ritter, NORTHWESTERN 2012; Expansion Coordinator Kyle Marscellas, CALIFORNIA-IRVINE 2011; Alumni and Volunteer Services Coordinator Reece Schenkenfelder, WESTERN KENTUCKY 2010; and Membership Programs Coordinator Sean Halley, MARQUETTE 2012; immersed themselves in the Fraternity’s newest game. Each player chose one of six customized Fraternity tokens and moved them around the Sigma Chi-based board with determination.
“It was a matchup of very determined, motivated workers who took great pride in the game of MONOPOLY® and in the spirit of brotherly competition,” said Operations Manager Michael Church, ILLINOIS 2005, who also organized the event.
MONOPOLY® money exchanged hands, along with some playful jeers; Sigma Chi properties were purchased and the Founders were honored. In the end, Jones emerged from the tabletop scrum, besting Ritter by a mere $5. Despite tasting the bitterness of defeat, Ritter exclaimed, “This is the best MONOPOLY® game ever.”
Would you like to experience this much fun with your chapter brothers? To order the game, please go to All orders placed by Dec. 12, 2012, are guaranteed to arrive by the holidays. Anyone with questions can contact Sigma Chi International Headquarters at (847) 869-3655 or email