The shipment rushed into Sigma Chi International Headquarters like it was on a sleigh led by eight reindeer Thursday, Dec. 6, in Evanston, Ill. The very special parcel the delivery truck was carrying that day was a collectible that no doubt will be coveted by all Sigma Chis across the globe this holiday season — MONOPOLY®: Sigma Chi Limited Edition.
Ushered into Headquarters by Sigma Chi staffers — elves for the day — it took a little more than 24 hours before the excitement overwhelmed Headquarters and staffers unwrapped the first box to begin the inaugural Sigma Chi MONOPOLY® Challenge in the Fred Millis Library.
With holiday music jamming in the background by a special disc jockey — who also doubled as the game’s rules committee — Director of Undergraduate Services and Special Projects Kent Shackelford, VIRGINIA TECH 2009, Online Specialist James Jones, NORTH FLORIDA 2009; Leadership Programs Coordinator Scott Ritter, NORTHWESTERN 2012; Expansion Coordinator Kyle Marscellas, CALIFORNIA-IRVINE 2011; Alumni and Volunteer Services Coordinator Reece Schenkenfelder, WESTERN KENTUCKY 2010; and Membership Programs Coordinator Sean Halley, MARQUETTE 2012; immersed themselves in the Fraternity’s newest game. Each player chose one of six customized Fraternity tokens and moved them around the Sigma Chi-based board with determination.
“It was a matchup of very determined, motivated workers who took great pride in the game of MONOPOLY® and in the spirit of brotherly competition,” said Operations Manager Michael Church, ILLINOIS 2005, who also organized the event.
MONOPOLY® money exchanged hands, along with some playful jeers; Sigma Chi properties were purchased and the Founders were honored. In the end, Jones emerged from the tabletop scrum, besting Ritter by a mere $5. Despite tasting the bitterness of defeat, Ritter exclaimed, “This is the best MONOPOLY® game ever.”
Would you like to experience this much fun with your chapter brothers? To order the game, please go to sigmachi.org/monopoly. All orders placed by Dec. 12, 2012, are guaranteed to arrive by the holidays. Anyone with questions can contact Sigma Chi International Headquarters at (847) 869-3655 or email headquarters@sigmachi.org.