After several rounds of vigorous debate and deliberation, the voting delegates to the June 25 to 27 Grand Chapter in San Diego amended the Fraternity’s constitution in a way that will reshape the role played by the Grand Trustees.


Previously, Sigma Chi’s 18 Grand Trustee positions were filled by brothers serving six-year terms, with six being elected at each biennial meeting of the Grand Chapter. Under the amendment that was adopted June 26 at the 80th Grand Chapter in San Diego, nine positions will be up for election at each Grand Chapter, with the winners of those races serving four-year terms.


In order to begin the transitionary process from six-year terms to four-year terms, the delegates to the 80th Grand Chapter elected three brothers to four-year terms—they are Alan Williams, WESTERN ONTARIO 1977; and Order of Constantine Sigs Steve Schuyler, ARIZONA 1979; and J.B. Allen, WESTERN ONTARIO and WILFRID LAURIER 1979—while three others were elected to two-year terms—they are John Watson, BRITISH COLUMBIA-SIMON FRASER 1963; John Bibo, TEXAS-AUSTIN 1974; and Order of Constantine Sig Harv Silverman, NORTHERN COLORADO 1968. This will be a one-time exception to the normal procedure; the 81st Grand Chapter in 2017 will elect nine Grand Trustees to four-year terms, as will every Grand Chapter after that, so long as the Fraternity’s Constitution is not further amended.


The newly elected men join Rich Thompson, MONTANA 1973; Tony Flores, CAL. STATE FRESNO 1958; Tom Samulski, BRADLEY 1988; Rich Hronek, KENT STATE 1969; Scott Ross, MISSISSIPPI STATE 1982; Bill Bringham Jr., ALBION 1975; Tom Ely, SAM HOUSTON 1964; Breck Grover, TENNESSEE-KNOXVILLE 1969; Dan Harrop III, BROWN and HARVARD 1976; Nathan Neal, GEORGE WASHINGTON 1983; Jeff Murison, DICKINSON 1993; and Bill Robinson, WASHINGTON (ST. LOUIS) 1959. Of these men, all are Order of Constantine Sigs save for Neal and Murison. Robinson is also a Significant Sig.


Flores will serve as chairman of the board.