In an effort to take a proactive stance toward accountability issues, Sigma Chi International Fraternity Headquarters is launching a pilot program for its regional chapter support program that will afford Headquarters representatives a better opportunity to help undergraduates head off problems before they occur. The pilot is expected to launch on July 1, 2016.


“The Executive Committee has identified an urgent need to bolster the support structure that Headquarters provides to our chapters and volunteers,” says Order of Constantine Sig Bill Scott, ARIZONA 1980, who is the senior director of undergraduate services at Headquarters. “Employing a regional chapter support program will allow us to be proactive in preventing problems from arising, rather than taking a reactionary stance when issues do occur.”


As it is currently proposed, the regional chapter support pilot will employ two chapter support coordinators who will live and work in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic regions. Among other examples, the position’s objectives include helping chapters and their volunteer advisors in meeting the goals they set in their strategic plans, assisting Grand Praetors in creating alumni advisory panels and deploying the Fraternity’s revitalization curriculum to ensure that troubled chapters are able to improve.


For more information on the regional chapter support pilot program, contact McKenzie Mullins, WESTERN KENTUCKY 2013, director of chapter support at Headquarters, at (847) 869-3655, ext. 221.