Headquarters’ departments of expansion, alumni services and undergraduate services will all be reconfigured soon, as Director of Expansion Nick Conway, CAL. STATE-FRESNO 2010; Leadership Programs Coordinator Scott Ritter, NORTHWESTERN 2012; and Alumni and Volunteer Services Coordinator Reece Schenkenfelder, WESTERN KENTUCKY 2010; have opted to move on to the next phase of their careers.
“Serving as a director of expansion has allowed me to travel to 19 states and guide more than 400 gentlemen through our ceremonies of Initiation,” said Conway. During his more than two-and-a-half years on staff, Conway helped the General Fraternity install 10 chapters, and spent countless hours guiding men through Sigma Chi’s colonization process.
Ritter’s time on staff left him with the distinct impression that the Fraternity’s best days lay ahead.
“It’s been a tremendous honor working for the Sigma Chi Fraternity Headquarters and my brothers across the United States and Canada. From my coworkers here at 1714 Hinman Ave. to our alumni on volunteer boards to the undergraduate brothers leading their chapters and campuses, the individuals that I’ve met have been simply awe-inspiring,” said Ritter. “I will certainly miss the opportunity to directly serve the Fraternity that has given so much to me, but I look forward to many more years of friendship, brotherhood, and service.”
Likewise, Schenkenfelder spoke fondly about how his time as a Headquarters staff member has allowed him to meet some remarkable Sigs from across North America.
“I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work at Sigma Chi International Headquarters. My position as alumni and volunteer services coordinator has allowed me to develop both my personal and professional skills, and gain a better understanding of how Sigma Chi works as an organization,” said Schenkenfelder. “I will always cherish the relationships I have developed and the memories I’ve shared with fellow staff and alumni volunteers.”
Headquarters loses more than a collective four years and four months of service with the trio’s departure.